About Soberlink

Founded in 2010, Soberlink supports accountability for sobriety through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a professional-grade breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, the portable design and state-of-the-art technology includes facial recognition, tamper detection, real-time results, and detailed reports. Soberlink documents sobriety with the highest level of reliability and accuracy to foster trust and peace of mind.

Although remote alcohol monitoring had already been established in the criminal justice field, Soberlink was the first company to focus on remote monitoring for addiction treatment. In 2016, Soberlink gained FDA 510(k) clearance for medical use, and is widely utilized by major treatment facilities and clinical programs across the country.

Data shows that groups who include monitoring in their recovery plan, like pilots and doctors, have better outcomes. Eliminating the obstacle of lab visits and replacing it with the Soberlink program has made the process of documenting sobriety simple, convenient, and affordable. With Soberlink, the client can test multiple times per day, with each time taking less than one minute. Soberlink gives the individual in recovery the power of accountability while allowing his/her support system to intervene in a timely manner as needed; something not possible with urine testing.

Since 2010, Soberlink has and continues to innovate, coming up with new solutions to make alcohol monitoring even more convenient and reliable.

Company Milestones

2019 Soberlink launches Connect®, the first remote breathalyzer to harness the power of both Apple and Android
3rd Generation Facial Recognition Software introduced, dramatically enhancing performance
2018 Soberlink Releases Advanced Reporting and Alerting
2017 Soberlink Releases Consensus Paper by Advisory Board
2016 Soberlink Receives FDA Clearance for Medical Use
2015 Spinoff of Criminal Justice division, sold to The GEO Group
Soberlink Healthcare LLC founded
Over 100 Treatment Facilities use Soberlink for Clinical Monitoring
2014 Facial Recognition Software introduced to Sober Sky web portal
Soberlink Devices sold in all 50 states and Canada
2013 Soberlink launches Bluetooth Device with Apple MFi compatibilities
2012 SL2, industry’s first handheld cellular alcohol monitoring device
Partnership developed with Verizon Wireless
Soberlink receives first patent for mobile breath system
2011 SL1, industry’s first handheld real-time alcohol monitoring device
2010 First beta mobile breath prototype developed
2009 Soberlink, Inc. founded
Creation of mobile breath category in alcohol monitoring industry