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Soberlink provides the most innovative solution for remote alcohol monitoring. The Soberlink System combines a professional grade Breathalyzer with a wireless connection to a cloud-based web portal. The technology uses facial recognition to confirm identity, tamper resistant sensors to ensure the integrity of tests, and automation software to create a seamless monitoring solution.

Although remote alcohol monitoring was already established in the criminal justice field, Soberlink was the first company to focus on remote monitoring for addiction treatment. In 2016, Soberlink gained FDA 510(k) clearance for medical use, and is widely used by major treatment facilities and clinical programs across the country.

The Soberlink team wanted to make a difference by empowering people in early recovery to be accountable and conveniently and discreetly stay connected to their counselors and loved ones. Addiction is a disease and should be treated like other diseases that require monitoring. Soberlink saw an opportunity to create user-friendly technology to aid in the recovery process for alcohol use disorders by connecting the client and and their support community throughout the journey.

The data shows that populations who include monitoring in their recovery plan, like pilots and doctors, have better outcomes. Prior to Soberlink, alcohol testing was an ordeal. Someone being monitored for alcohol use would have to travel to a lab at least once weekly at random times determined by program supervisors. Eliminating the obstacle of lab visits and replacing it with Soberlink program has made the process simple, convenient, and affordable.  With Soberlink, the client tests a few times per day, and the entire process takes less than a minute. Not only does Soberlink help the person recovering be more accountable, it also allows a support system to intervene in a timely manner; something urine testing doesn’t allow. The ability to provide a timely intervention is one of the greatest advantages of Soberlink and remote alcohol monitoring.

In 2017 a panel of addiction experts put together a consensus paper highlighting the most effective way use Soberlink in a clinical setting. This paper was published by the Journal of Addiction Medicine and remains the suggested protocol for treatment providers.

About Soberlink

Soberlink Highlights

Soberlink is the premier alcohol monitoring system for several reasons. Below are some of the key distinctions that separate Soberlink from others:

  • FDA 510(k) cleared medical device
  • Unprecedented facial recognition
  • Robust tamper detection
  • Court validated and peer reviewed
  • 2 Device options (Bluetooth and Cellular)
  • Designed, developed, manufactured in the U.S.
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Media Center

Soberlink Introduces Advanced Reporting

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Today, Soberlink, the leader in remote alcohol monitoring technology, announced Advanced Reporting, the first use of data analysis to display alcohol monitoring results. With Advanced Reporting, individuals who receive Soberlink’s reports will be able to quickly and easily understand testing results. Advanced Reporting is a breakthrough innovation that improves efficiency and enhances ease of use for Soberlink customers.

Alcohol Monitoring Company Sets New Standard in Continued Care

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA: Soberlink, the leader in mobile breath alcohol detection technology, announced its ongoing support of eight newly adopted principles for the treatment of alcohol addiction. These national principles, announced in November, have been adopted by 16 healthcare organizations ranging from Aetna and Beacon Health Options to Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna.

Derived from the Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health released in late 2017, these “Eight National Principles” are designed to refocus efforts to treat alcoholism as a substance use disorder and provide a comprehensive view of treatment ranging from universal screening to personalized diagnosis. Of particular interest is the fourth principle that requires “continuing long-term outpatient care with monitoring and adjustments to treatment,” according to the report.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Receives Soberlink’s Continued Care Partner Award

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. – Soberlink, the leader in mobile breath alcohol detection technology, proudly announces the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation as the first annual recipient of its Continued Care Partner Award. The Connection Program was launched by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in 2011 and has successfully served thousands of clients in early recovery by providing personalized addiction recovery coaching, monitoring and family support. Connection coaches are licensed addiction counselors trained in recovery management, relapse prevention and phone support.

Addiction Experts Publish Consensus on the Soberlink System

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. – Soberlink, the leader in mobile breath alcohol detection technology, announced today its inclusion in an expert panel consensus paper about the use of remote monitoring in the clinical treatment of alcohol use disorder.

The consensus paper – written by a panel of nine alcohol use disorder treatment and research experts – was recently published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine. The paper examines the Soberlink System as a method of BAC collection and monitoring in various recovery situations. The experts concluded that remote monitoring could play a vital role in successful recovery as a method of deterrent, and a means of early detection and intervention.

Company Milestones

2009 Soberlink, Inc. founded
Creation of mobile breath category in alcohol monitoring industry
2010 First beta mobile breath prototype developed
2011 SL1, industry’s first handheld real-time alcohol monitoring device
2012 SL2, industry’s first handheld cellular alcohol monitoring device
Partnership developed with Verizon Wireless
Soberlink receives first patent for mobile breath system
2013 Soberlink launches Bluetooth Device with Apple MFi compatibilities
2014 Facial Recognition Software introduced to Sober Sky web portal
Soberlink Devices sold in all 50 states and Canada
2015 Spinoff of Criminal Justice division, sold to The GEO Group
Soberlink Healthcare LLC founded
Over 100 Treatment Facilities use Soberlink for Clinical Monitoring
2016 Soberlink Receives FDA Clearance for Medical Use
2017 Soberlink releases Consensus Paper by Advisory Board