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Both Soberlink Devices with Monthly Client Detail Report (Level 1)

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Our Support page takes the guesswork out of looking for specific materials and locating certain answers to questions. Scroll to learn more or contact our dedicated in-house support team for help.

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Share Program Agreement

To get started with Soberlink, you must sign an agreement and purchase a device.

Read Sample Agreement
View the sample monitoring agreement for the Soberlink Share Program.
Soberlink Monitoring Program Agreement
Sign an Agreement
Choose and e-sign a Soberlink Share Monitoring Program Agreement.
Buy Soberlink Online
Purchase Device
Choose between our two Devices and your level of commitment.
Frequently Asked Questions

Become an expert on remote alcohol monitoring technology. Find answers to commonly asked questions on this dedicated page.

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Helpful Documents

Learn more about the Soberlink system as well as best practices with these helpful documents.

Consensus PaperSoberlink vs. EtGShare TrifoldAddiction Recovery TrifoldCase StudiesRequest Materials
Request Materials
Our packet of helpful documents can help you or your client learn more about the benefits of Soberlink. Request to have one shipped to your home or office.
Activate a Device

After receiving your Device, it needs to be activated. Call us at (714) 975-7200 or contact your Treatment Provider to complete this important step. 

Alcohol Monitoring Videos

We invite you to discover more about our remote technology and intuitive recovery management software by watching the videos below. 

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