Easy Alcohol Monitoring for Long-Term Recovery

For nearly four decades, The New Paradigm for Recovery has set the standard for Alcohol Use Disorder treatment. Treating substance abuse like a chronic illness that requires long-term care, The New Paradigm has seen exceptional success rates in Addiction Recovery, Workplace Compliance and Family Law. Using remote alcohol monitoring devices, like Soberlink, The New Paradigm is able to integrate recovery into daily life, supporting lasting sobriety and accountability.

While some may consider multi-day testing to be invasive or controlling, long-term monitoring through Soberlink actually promotes independence and freedom during recovery. Laura Crossett, CADC Monitoring Program Case Manager at Hired Power in Huntington Beach, CA, recommends Soberlink because it fosters accountability and flexibility, among other benefits. “We have clients across the country because of Soberlink’s ability to reach everywhere,” says Crossett, “They initially sign-up for a one year-contract, and we believe this one-year commitment increases their chances of success for long-term recovery.”

Featuring a portable design and wireless connectivity, Soberlink allows clients to experience a sense of freedom, independence and comfort during recovery. Simply turn on the device, submit a test and go about your day. “Soberlink testing can be done while doing other things. It doesn’t inhibit someone’s daily life,” says Crossett, “It’s not a big process; you don’t have to sit and wait at a lab like you would for urine analysis.” Soberlink gives clients the flexibility to develop a schedule that works best for their needs. Crossett appreciates Soberlink’s flexible system, as it adapts to the clients’ needs and allows them to experience life with little interruption. “As a case manager, I work with clients on a very realistic and human level,” says Crossett, “That’s where I utilize Soberlink as a service and add the case management aspect. If things change in the clients’ lives, we can tailor testing schedules to reflect those changes.”

Unlike other forms of alcohol monitoring, Soberlink offers state-of-the-art technology that can confirm the client’s identity and sobriety with a high level of accuracy. Crossett specifically highlights Soberlink’s government-grade facial recognition and sensitive alcohol sensors as two of the device’s most useful assets. Providing up-to-the-minute results with precision, Soberlink’s alerts inform monitoring parties when a drinking event occurs, allowing for swift intervention, if needed. Crossett believes that this ability to stay connected is crucial for ensuring the client’s safety and wellbeing: “A drinking event could take place, but we may not know that for a couple days because we’re waiting for lab results to come back. With Soberlink, if a client misses a couple tests in a row, we know to reach out because there might be something going on.”

Soberlink empowers clients by providing a sense of control over their sobriety. As opposed to random testing, which can leave clients feeling anxious and powerless, Soberlink inspires confidence through consistent scheduled testing. Soberlink lets clients test multiple times throughout the day, so they can stay engaged with their recovery. “Navigating the early waters of recovery can be stressful enough, so I want clients to know what the expectations are and plan for that,” remarks Crossett. “Say, you’re at brunch and your friends are having mimosas, but you have a test coming up at 2 o’clock – you’re going to be more inclined to stay sober for a test coming up in two hours than one that might come up in a few days.” In making alcohol monitoring routine, clients have a “safety net” that keeps them accountable, even in the most difficult moments.

A trusted accountability tool, Soberlink works in favor of addiction recovery clients, helping them traverse the road to recovery with motivation and confidence. After witnessing success stories, Crossett is a firm believer in using Soberlink for long-term monitoring, and she continues to see clients use the system well after the one-year mark: “I have some clients that are 3 and 4 years ongoing with Soberlink. They’ve experienced holidays, marriages, surgeries and, because of ongoing accountability and case management using Soberlink, they can walk through these life events sober. So many happy stories come from it.”

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Top 5 Features Family Law Attorneys Look for in an Alcohol Monitoring Device

In our digital age, alcohol monitoring is more technologically advanced than ever before. With state-of-the-art solutions, like Soberlink, raising the bar, Family Law attorneys can now access a variety of new features for faster litigation and ensured child safety. From advanced technology to five-star customer service, Family Law attorneys are looking for advanced alcohol monitoring systems that make testing accessible and effective for their clients. Here are the top five features Family Law attorneys look for in an alcohol monitoring device.

1. Proven and Certified Technology

Before testing begins, Family Law attorneys must ensure the alcohol monitoring device has been used in previous courts. This means finding a proven, certified alcohol monitoring device that is designed to produce results with a high level of accuracy. Since 2011, Soberlink has been the trusted choice for alcohol monitoring in Criminal Justice, Family Law, Addiction Recovery and Workplace Compliance. Built with the latest technology, including a professional-grade fuel cell, Soberlink is one of the most advanced alcohol monitoring solutions on the market today. It also supports the “New Paradigm for Recovery,” a proven method of addiction treatment that manages substance abuse disorders like chronic illnesses. By facilitating long-term alcohol monitoring, Soberlink has demonstrated a strong success rate, especially in the fields of Criminal Justice and Family Law.

2. Ability to Test Anytime, Anywhere

Prior to remote alcohol monitoring, alcohol testing was a cumbersome and stressful experience for many Family Law clients. Oftentimes, clients would be called at random to appear at the nearest testing facility and prove their sobriety. While random testing may seem like an effective way to catch the monitored client “off guard,” it can strain the relationship between parents, and, in turn, negatively impact the child. Offering a more convenient and comfortable approach to alcohol monitoring, Soberlink facilitates up to 120 tests per month, which removes the need for random testing. In addition, Soberlink’s portable design lets monitored clients to take recovery with them wherever they go for more effective and efficient alcohol monitoring. The compact device can be easily stored for comfortable testing while on the go. Soberlink also features a wireless cloud-based system that automates the alcohol testing process, sending real-time alerts and reminders by text or email. With Soberlink, Family Law attorneys can stay up-to-date on the monitored client’s sobriety and concerned parties can immediately intervene if a positive test is submitted, fostering peace of mind during parenting time.

3. Tamper Detection and Facial Recognition

Above all else, Family Law attorneys are focused on promoting child safety during parenting time. Soberlink supports this mission by providing instant proof of sobriety using state-of-the-art technology. Raising the bar for accuracy in alcohol monitoring, Soberlink uses government-grade facial recognition software to verify the client’s identity, adapting to subtle changes in appearance for optimal precision. As the client breathes into the device, Soberlink’s internal sensors screen for tamper detection and pick up on any inconsistencies. Even if a monitored client attempts to circumvent the system by using artificial air, Soberlink will flag the discrepancy and notify monitoring parties. Through these leading-edge security features, Soberlink promotes accountability for sobriety and child safety.

4. Extensive, Thorough Agreements and Seasoned Support Team

In Family Law, no two instances of alcohol monitoring are exactly alike. Each case requires different guidelines, schedules and strategies to produce the best possible outcomes for clients and their children. For this reason, Family Law attorneys will select alcohol monitoring systems that can be customized based on the client’s unique situation. Over the years, Soberlink has continued to refine their monitoring agreements to make them as comprehensive, effective and personalized as possible. To accommodate each client’s unique needs and support safer parenting time, Soberlink offers two distinct levels of testing. Level 1, or Parenting Time Only, allows the monitored client and concerned party to test at any time of the month only during parenting time. Level 2, or Daily Testing, is managed by the Soberlink system and schedules approximately 3 to 4 tests per day. If any questions arise during alcohol monitoring, Soberlink’s expert team of customer support professionals can be easily reached to provide guidance every step of the way.

5. FDA Cleared

When selecting an alcohol monitoring device, Family Law attorneys are seeking reliability they can trust. Soberlink sets itself apart from other forms of alcohol monitoring with an unparalleled commitment to quality and accuracy. FDA cleared and registered as a licensed medical device in California, Soberlink’s many accreditations make it an ideal choice for alcohol monitoring in custody cases. In order to receive FDA clearance, Soberlink devices are held to the highest industry standards and undergo frequent, rigorous testing to ensure they continue to meet the FDA’s strict guidelines.

State-of-the-art alcohol monitoring offers many benefits for Family Law attorneys. In addition to ensuring child safety, it also eliminates any guesswork for more streamlined litigation. To learn how to use Soberlink for your client’s Family Law case, visit