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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

When someone wakes up after a night of drinking and feels dehydrated, nauseous and achy, we label this a hangover – a side effect of drinking too much. When an alcoholic or dependent drinker wakes up after a night of drinking, he or she will have different symptoms, due to drinking what their brain perceives as too little.

Since over time the body and brain become used to a steady flow of alcohol, withdrawal begins immediately when that perceived need is not being fed. This is why many who are dependent are compelled to drink first thing in the morning each and every day. They do not want to experience these symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms will depend on many factors, the major one being how long an individual has been drinking heavily. As a general rule, individuals will experience minor withdrawal symptoms after a heavy drinking period of between 7 and 30 days and major symptoms after a period of more than a month to several years of regular alcohol abuse.