Nicole Arzt, MS, LMFT

November 27, 2019

What Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Substance use disorders impact approximately 10% of American adults at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, a lack of sufficient and effective treatment continues to be a pervasive, societal problem. While awareness of addiction tends to be increasing, it can still be challenging to understand (and locate) professional help. Here’s a look at Intensive Outpatient Treatment, an approach to treatment that accommodates and supports the patient’s road to recovery.
September 3, 2019
Alcohol Use Disorder in College Student

Alcohol Use Disorder in College Students: How to Read the Signs

College is the quintessential springboard from the awkward and insecure phases of adolescence into the new, uncharted territories of young adulthood. It’s often the cornerstone of new friendships, long nights spent studying, and decorating your first apartment. And, of course, college isn’t without its dark underside. For many people, alcohol is an essential part of college- as synonymous with their school as football teams and biology classes. It’s a social lubricant flowing throughout parties.
July 26, 2019
Why Substance Abuse Counseling is a Fulfilling Career

Why Substance Abuse Counseling is a Fulfilling Career

In our adult lives, we spend the majority of our days busy at work. Unfortunately, research shows that an overwhelming majority of adults loathe their careers. Fewer than half of Americans report being satisfied or extremely satisfied with their current jobs. When you don’t like your job, you’re at a higher risk for developing resentments, fatigue, and complete burnout. You’re more likely only to provide the bare minimum- and the days, weeks, and years will subsequently drag.