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Discussing the sober truth of alcohol, recovery, and aftercare monitoring

The Recovery Concierge Uses Soberlink in Patient Recovery Care

The Recovery Concierge is changing the way we think about recovery with a unique approach and innovative services for those recovering from substance use disorders and mental health issues. To support patients in recovery, The Recovery Concierge offers 4 main programs: First Response, Recovery Concierge Continuing Care, Alcohol Monitoring, and Sober Coaching & Master Mentoring.

These programs and the services offered by The Recovery Concierge were born out of gaps in recovery care. The company creates customized solutions for individuals and families to appropriately fit their needs, including access to innovative tools and technology like Soberlink in their programs.

Soberlink Solutions with Dr. Haroutunian of Betty Ford Center

Alcohol monitoring and customized care options are changing the way we approach and view addiction treatment.

The treatment industry and its methods have remained largely unchanged for nearly 50 years. But with the reclassification of addiction as a chronic disease, there’s been a shift in the treatment model. This shift has leaned away from acute and episodic care, and toward treating addiction with ongoing care.

Relapse rates following Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) treatment remain at alarmingly high rates nationwide. The current treatment model for AUD typically includes an intensive period of treatment with little to no follow up once discharged. AUD are classified as chronic illnesses, but instead of applying a chronic illness management approach, treatment is episodic and leaves gaps in care.

Recovery at Home with Aware Recovery Care and Soberlink

Mobile alcohol monitoring and innovative recovery programs are changing the landscape of traditional recovery.

The treatment industry and its methods have remained largely unchanged for nearly 50 years. While sobriety monitoring isn’t a new concept, truly modern options can be hard to come by. Monitoring is used in industries including high-risk professional fields, addiction treatment, and criminal justice.

Edgewood Modernizes Continuing Care with Soberlink

How mobile alcohol monitoring and continued care are working together to strengthen the recovery process and help patients build structure.

The Edgewood Health Network (EHN), with treatment centers and clinics across Canada and the US, assists those looking to embrace sobriety and recover from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. To support patients in recovery, EHN offers a range of services including residential inpatient and intensive outpatient programs, as well as continued-care programs which may involve group, individual, couple and family counseling, alcohol and drug monitoring, weekend workshops, and individualized plans.

Verizon Wireless on Soberlink in Treatment

How mobile technology is saving careers—and lives—for professionals overcoming alcohol dependency.

Professionals in industries like medicine, law enforcement, and aviation have significant obligations to their clients and the general public. Professional boards and state-licensing agencies recognize this responsibility and monitor licensees who’ve had problems with substance abuse.

To support individuals working to maintain their sobriety, Dr. Greg Skipper and his team at Promises Treatment Centers offer medical assistance, counseling, and long-term monitoring of patient progress.