Learn why 4 out of 5 Treatment Professionals Strongly Recommend Soberlink

Soberlink supports accountability for sobriety and long-term recovery with an automated alcohol monitoring system.

Soberlink gives clients a sense of accomplishment and provides counselors and loved ones with real-time alerts in case a relapse occurs without compromising client freedom.

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How Does it Work

  • Professional grade breathalyzer
  • Wireless connection to an automated web portal
  • Facial recognition to confirm identity
  • Real-time alerts and reports of testing activity
  • FDA 510(k) clearance
  • Used by Workplace, Addiction Recovery and Family Law in all 50 states

Step 1

Receive a Reminder

Step 2

Submit a Test

Step 3

Review a Test

The Benefits of Using Soberlink

  • Monitor clients easily and non-invasively with our automatic cloud-based system
  • Tailor your program to fit clients’ unique lifestyles with customizable testing schedules
  • Save time and increase your ability monitor outcomes with easy-to-read reports
  • Help reduce the impact of addiction-related stigma for clients with our discreet device
  • Empower your clients to submit reliable results with facial recognition technology
  • Rebuild trust between clients and recovery circles with documented sobriety

Treatment Providers Trust the Soberlink System

Hundreds of treatment programs are using Soberlink for clinical monitoring. Join them in promoting patient accountability and staying connected in early alcohol recovery. Below are some of our partners:
  • Southworth Associates Logo
  • Edgewood Health Logo
  • caron renaissance ocean drive logo
  • Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Logo

The Soberlink Difference

Soberlink is the gold standard when it comes to personalized continuing care for alcohol use disorders. Soberlink has been studied and recorded in many different settings by top addiction experts and treatment facilities. Read the most recent our case studies below:

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