Safer Parenting with Alcohol Monitoring

How It Works Step 1 Receive a Reminder
Monitored Parent has the option of
receiving a scheduled test reminder.
How It Works Step 2 Submit a Test
Monitored Parent submits breath test and identity is confirmed with facial recognition technology.
How It Works Step 3 Review a Test
Concerned Parent receives next day or
real-time reports of testing data.


Key Feature - Adaptive Facial Recognition for Identity Confirmation


Additional Benefits to Attorney

  • Helpful sample court order language reference online used by judges when mandating parent to use Soberlink.
  • Court admissible data that is time stamped and details compliance or non-compliance for addressing consequences.
  • Expert testimony available to assist in answering questions regarding the Soberlink System’s testing accuracy and protocol.
  • Easy online set-up which is quick and discreet for your clients
  • Family law trained customer service team that are sensitive to your clients’ needs


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