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Level 2 – Daily Testing

Level 2 Daily Testing

Soberlink’s Level 2 Testing Program aims to keep children safer by providing a convenient and structured alcohol testing schedule. This Program is designed for more challenging co-parenting situations. In most cases, the two parties are not communicating and/or there might be a family history of alcohol dependency. A set schedule with daily testing is the most effective way to monitor alcohol use and document sobriety for the Monitored Client.

Testing schedules are managed by the Soberlink system which documents missed tests and send automated test reminders via text to the Monitored Client.

Monitor Alcohol for Custody Arrangements

Soberlink's Best Practice - Level 2 Daily Testing

Soberlink’s best practices for level 2 monitoring suggests agreeing on a morning test and a prior to bedtime test. If more monitoring is necessary or required, the additional tests will be set based on an even spread throughout waking hours. Compliance is based on zero tolerance and 2-hour testing windows.

Below is an example of a 4 times a day test schedule:

  • 6:00am / 1:00pm / 7:00pm / 11:00pm

Family Law Plans


Daily Testing (7 Days a Week)
Daily scheduled testing managed and documented by the Soberlink System with automated text reminders sent to the Monitored Client.




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Emailed Daily Reports of the Previous Day’s Testing and/or Weekly Summary Report of Previous Week’s Testing new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark
Emailed Test Results in Real-time   new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark
Unlimited Number of Contacts Can Receive Test Results   new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark
Text and Emailed Test Results in Real-time     new-green-checkmark
Unlimited Reports on All Testing Activity for Any Given Date Range     new-green-checkmark
Free Modifications to Monitoring Plan and Contacts     new-green-checkmark
*Plan Prices: Actual prices are based on daily rates. Soberlink Breathalyzer is sold separately. $4.81 per day $6.42 per day $8.03 per day
Additional Fees:
  • Level 1 will incur a $75 overage fee for any testing over 20 days.
  • Basic and Plus Plans will incur a $25 fee for additional reports and changes/updates to the Monitoring Plan and/or Contacts.
  • All Plans are subject to a $50 fee if testing evaluations are performed by the Soberlink Compliance Department.



The main advantage is that Soberlink’s System manages the testing schedule. It sends out test reminders via text to the Monitored Client to help with testing compliance and it documents and reports all missed tests. This management is a higher level of monitoring than Level 1, where the Monitored Client and Concerned Party oversee managing the testing schedule.

Please refer to our Court Order/Mediation Agreement document. Our best practices suggest 3 to 4 tests per day based on the risk of use.

Yes, Soberlink has been proven in court since 2011. We started our business in criminal justice and have been represented in all 50 states.

Get Started with Level 2 - Daily Testing

  • Step 1 - Sign an Agreement
  • Fill out the form below to receive the Level 2 Testing Agreement.
    We’ll send the agreement to both the Monitored Client and Concerned Party to sign.

  • Step 2 - Get a Device
  • Buy a Soberlink Cellular Breathalyzer.

    Learn more about
    Soberlink Cellular Breathalyzer

  • Step 3 - Call to Activate*
  • Call us at (714) 975-7200 to activate your Device. Soberlink will train the Monitored Client and
    other involved parties on system use and best practices and provide technical support throughout the program.


    *The Device will not be activated until the agreement is signed.