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Soberlink Adds Larger Test Windows

Soberlink, Inc. recently introduced Variable Testing Windows to their alcohol monitoring technology, which will allow monitors to increase the amount of time clients have to submit a mobile breath alcohol test. Soberlink takes a lot of pride in designing both our products and software with the purpose of improving recovery outcomes. This addition to our Monitoring Web Portal was designed with the clients needs in mind. We understand that people have responsibilities beyond testing within their scheduled window.

Soberlink Enhances Product Line with Apple Compatible Breathalyzer

Soberlink, the creator of the first handheld Breathalyzer designed to improve recovery outcomes, continues to show prominence in the mobile alcohol monitoring space with their new product, SLBLUE. The SLBLUE was developed in response to the need for cost-effective remote alcohol monitoring that could extend outside of the United States or where cell coverage is not available.

The Soberlink Breathalyzer Stays at the Forefront of Innovation with its Second Patent Issuance

With their second patent granted, Soberlink positions itself to preserve the integrity of their inventions and intellectual property.

CYPRESS, CA — May 08, 2014 — Soberlink, Inc. is poised to remain at the top of the alcohol monitoring industry thanks to the award of a second patent in their line of pending applications — US Patent No. 8,707,758. The patent, issued in April of 2014, further secures the company’s ability to protect their intellectual property and continue to create and improve upon their inventions. With other companies attempting to create similar alcohol monitoring devices, the preservation of this property comes at a crucial time and allows Soberlink to remain the leading innovator in mobile breath alcohol monitoring.

Soberlink, Inc. CEO & Founder, Brad Keays, voiced his gratification by stating, “Soberlink was founded on the premise that innovation and design would differentiate us from the competition. With that came the need for a strong IP strategy to defend our ideas. The plan we put into place is proving successful as evidenced by the issuance of our most recent patent.”

Verizon Creates Soberlink Video to Promote Innovative New Breathalyzer

Cypress, CA — January 20, 2014 — Soberlink, Inc., a leading innovator in mobile breath alcohol monitoring, is a proud partner of Verizon’s Hosted Private Network program. The partnership began in 2011 when Soberlink determined Verizon was the ideal wireless partner for their revolutionary SL2 device – the world’s first handheld cellular Breathalyzer. Since the launch of SL2 in November 2012, the cellular Breathalyzer has been one of the fastest growing alcohol monitoring devices on the market.

Soberlink Adds Adaptive Facial Recognition™ to their Mobile Alcohol Monitoring System

Adaptive Facial Recognition (TM)

Soberlink Adds Adaptive Facial Recognition™ To Their Mobile Alcohol Monitoring System

Soberlink, Inc. signs with premiere facial recognition technology company, bolstering their unrivaled level of automation for alcohol monitoring programs.

Cypress, CA – January 9, 2014 – Soberlink, Inc., a leading innovator in mobile alcohol monitoring, has signed an agreement with a prominent facial recognition software provider to further enhance the automation of their alcohol monitoring system. This new feature will substantially reduce the workload of verifying participant photos.

Reliable results and seamless integration with Soberlink’s user-friendly monitoring platform was a high priority. The company spent most of 2013 vetting facial recognition software companies in order to find the most trusted technology. After several months of Beta testing with top Biometric companies, Soberlink selected a company that has nearly 20 years of experience developing facial recognition software for security sensitive agencies and has over 2,000 customers and services in more than 100 countries.

Soberlink Provides Soberinfo for Recovery Resources

Cypress, California, October 21, 2013 — Soberlink, Inc., the leader in remote alcohol monitoring, believes recovery from alcohol addiction includes more than just measuring breath alcohol content. While Soberlink’s discreet and portable alcohol monitoring system is ideal for those who want to monitor and verify sobriety, there is more to staying sober than alcohol testing. Soberlink knows the importance for those struggling with alcohol addiction to hear from others facing the same issues. That is why, before any product development, the first step the company took was to create Soberinfo, an informational resource website for the sobriety community.

Soberlink Is Not Just Another Breathalyzer

October 14, 2013 – Cypress, California – As judges hand down stiff penalties for drinking and driving and as society becomes aware of the great damage done by alcohol addiction, using an alcohol testing device has become much more common. Within the last couple years, the popularity and availability of consumer breathalyzers has grown rapidly. The variety of consumer breathalyzers now on the market range from keychain breathalyzers for testing before hopping in the driver’s seat to smartphone breathalyzers featuring the ability to post results to social media and share favorite drink recipes and happy hours.

BI Incorporated, Soberlink Enter Distribution Agreement For Soberlink Cellular Alcohol Monitoring System

BI Incorporated and SOBERLINK announced today that BI will be the exclusive master distributor of the SOBERLINK SL2 for the criminal justice market. The SL2 is an innovative handheld device, both cellular and GPS enabled, that allows community corrections agencies to monitor offender sobriety in the community. BI is a national provider of electronic monitoring technology and monitoring services for community corrections and immigration agencies. SOBERLINK was founded in 2010 and began selling SOBERLINK devices in 2011. Today, SOBERLINK transmits more than 10,000 remote breath tests each day.

Soberlink’s Alcohol Monitoring Technology Is Giving Parents of College-Aged Students Peace of Mind

CYPRESS, Calif., June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Soberlink, Inc., a technology company based in Southern California, has developed a discreet, wireless breathalyzer for secure remote alcohol monitoring that is currently being sought after by parents of college-aged students. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, binge drinking is the most common form of excessive alcohol consumption in the United States. Binge drinking, defined by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism as drinking four or more alcoholic drinks for women and five for men within the span of two hours, brings a person’s blood alcoholic concentration to 0.08 or above.

Soberlink Announces Issuance of Patent for their Advanced Breath Alcohol Content Testing Device

The first of the three patents applied for by the company was approved in the month of January for their wireless breathalyzer, capable of remote alcohol monitoring

CYPRESS, Calif., Feb 18, 2013 — Soberlink, Inc., a Southern California based technology company, has just revealed that US Patent No. 8,381,573 has been issued for their next generation remote alcohol monitoring device. The company has already gained significant attention for their automated alcohol monitoring products and has the distinction of manufacturing the world’s first ever handheld breathalyzer for remote monitoring of a person’s breath alcohol content using wireless technology. SL1 was the first product from the company, and this device made use of an external cellular module for the transmission of data. SL2 or Soberlink 2 is the advanced version with many user friendly enhancements.