Rebuild Trust in Couples
with Proof of Sobriety

When trust has been broken from repeated alcohol misuse, Soberlink can help. Our discreet system enables convenient, real-time proof of sobriety. This promotes accountability and helps to rebuild trust, strengthening the relationship.

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Alcohol Monitoring in Relationships

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Watch as Dr. Morgan Cutlip, PHD and relationship expert explains how she has used Soberlink to help her clients rebuild trust in their relationships.

Success Stories

Soberlink has proven usage for over 10 years in both the Family Law and Addiction Recovery markets. Clients in both of these markets have successfully rebuilt trust their loved ones. Read their stories and see how Soberlink can help you help your clients improve their relationship that is being affected by alcohol use.


Resources for You and Your Clients

Professional Flyer

Discover how integrating Soberlink into your practice can elevate your service to help you stand out when it comes to handling mistrust in couples due to alcohol.

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Client Trifolds

Couple hugging each other while talking to a marriage counselor

Recommend Soberlink to your clients as a trust-building tool that fosters increased accountability through remote alcohol monitoring, enhancing their journey towards a healthier relationship.

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The AUD Bench Card

Soberlink believes that the right technology along with education on Alcohol Use Disorder can improve the lives of families who are going through a divorce involving alcohol. After a year of collaboration with the oldest and most respected organization of judges in the country, we created the 4-page Bench Card to help Judges make safe, fair, and effective decisions for alcohol misuse in child custody cases.

Download Bench Card
The AUD Bench Card

Soberlink has helped people with alcohol dependency for over a decade. Now, it is the #1 remote alcohol monitoring system used in child custody cases. Professionals and clients have access to a variety of in-house services, resources, and a dedicated Family Law department. Choose your method for learning more about the Bench Card and Soberlink.

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