Case Studies

New Paradigm Recovery: Increasing Client Oversight With Remote Alcohol Monitoring
March 10, 2023
New Paradigm Recovery: Increasing Client Oversight With Remote Alcohol Monitoring
New Paradigm Recovery is a high-quality private behavioral healthcare provider that treats substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. Offering an unusually personalized treatment experience with tailored programming to meet a range of client therapeutic and extra-therapeutic needs, New Paradigm Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program can ensure better home environment support for recovery and assist in connecting clients to a range of supportive resources within their respective communities. The treatment facility serves those in the greater Washington DC Metropolitan area. 
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Futures Recovery Healthcare Case Study: Empowering Alumni with Soberlink
June 16, 2020
Case Study with Futures Recovery Healthcare
Founded in 2012, Futures Recovery Healthcare is a state-licensed, Joint Commission accredited behavioral healthcare provider located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Treating addiction disorders using an evidence-based, holistic approach, the facility is licensed to provide a full continuum of care to those in need. Futures has earned the reputation of clinical excellence and a robust alumni relations network.
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Avenues NYC Uses Soberlink to Remotely Stay Connected with Clients Outside of Sober Living Facility
March 5, 2020
Case Study Avenues NYC
Avenues NYC is a transitional sober living facility that offers support for those recovering from substance use disorders and mental health concerns. Their facilities are specifically designed to ensure the health and safety of the residents, offering both privacy and supervision without sacrificing the comforts of home. Staff members are on-site and available 24/7 to provide support and guidance when it’s needed most.
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Blanchard Case Study: Addressing Alcohol-Related Triggers with Real-Time Alcohol Monitoring
March 2, 2020
Blanchard Case Study: Addressing Alcohol-Related Triggers with Real-Time Alcohol Monitoring
The Blanchard Institute provides an empathetic and accepting atmosphere where individuals who suffer from mental health and substance use disorders receive progressive and holistic treatment. Their program, cultivated through an evidence-based treatment model, provides the treatment, education, and resources to individuals, families, and their communities that are necessary to reestablish a solid foundation to live fulfilling, healthy lives.
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Ayre Counseling Case Study: Remote Monitoring Technology Meets Quality Addiction Treatment
January 16, 2020
Ayre Counseling Case Study with Soberlink
Ayre Counseling, LLC is a comprehensive multidisciplinary practice that provides outpatient and intensive outpatient services to individuals struggling with SUD and co-occurring disorders. Ayre Counseling distinguishes itself from other practices by the quality of its service, utilizing proven, evidence-based treatment, and by the quality of care administered by their talented team of clinicians.
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Hazelden Betty Ford Case Study: Connecting Clients for Lasting Recovery
May 7, 2019
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Header
Hazelden Betty Ford has been at the forefront of the alcohol and drug addiction treatment field for more than 70 years. Their experts are dedicated to providing clinical care, education, and research in the field of addiction, and have been saving lives, restoring families, and shaping increasingly effective addiction treatment programs with the ultimate goal of promoting lasting sobriety.
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Hired Power Case Study: Empowering Clients with Alcohol Use Disorder Through Telehealth
December 5, 2018
Hired Power Case Study
Founded in 2002, Hired Power is a dynamic group of recovery professionals who provide an empowering range of services in a compassionate and healing environment. Their founder, Nanette Zumwalt, is an interventionist who works all over the country, supporting clients and families struggling with addiction and mental health-related issues for over 25 years.
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Carolina Recovery Program: Empowering Students to Enjoy a Substance-Free Collegiate Experience
November 1, 2018
Carolina Recovery Program Case Study
Treating an alcohol use disorder can be particularly tough when the client is a college student in recovery. Not only is it difficult for these students to stay connected to a recovery program, their temptations to drink are compounded due to the alcohol-accepting atmosphere of college.
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Lighthouse and Soberlink: A Beacon of Peer Support for Recovery
May 15, 2018
The Lighthouse
Established in 2015 by Trey Laird, a former Wall Street trader, The Lighthouse Sober Living program offers comfort, amenities and support to executives and other high-level professionals. Clients can include those seeking a place to recover after clinical rehabilitation or a reliable ongoing retreat from professional demands. Residents can go to work during the day and come back at night to personalized care in a homelike but elegant setting, privacy and counseling and treatment sessions.
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The Recovery Concierge Uses Soberlink in Patient Recovery Care
December 13, 2017
The Recovery Concierge
The Recovery Concierge is changing the way we think about recovery with a unique approach and innovative services for those recovering from substance use disorders and mental health issues. To support patients in recovery, The Recovery Concierge offers 4 main programs: First Response, Recovery Concierge Continuing Care, Alcohol Monitoring, and Sober Coaching & Master Mentoring.
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