The Recovery Concierge Uses Soberlink in Patient Recovery Care

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December 13, 2017
|   updated:
March 12, 2024

Reinforcing Recovery

How mobile alcohol monitoring and continued care are working together to strengthen the recovery process and help prevent relapse.

Chronic Alcoholism Requires Continuing Care

The Recovery Concierge is changing the way we think about recovery with a unique approach and innovative services for those recovering from substance use disorders and mental health issues. To support patients in recovery, The Recovery Concierge offers 4 main programs: First Response, Recovery Concierge Continuing Care, Alcohol Monitoring, and Sober Coaching & Master Mentoring.

These programs and the services offered by The Recovery Concierge were born out of gaps in recovery care. The company creates customized solutions for individuals and families to appropriately fit their needs, including access to innovative tools and technology like Soberlink in their programs.

Soberlink is an FDA 510(k) cleared device that combines a professional-grade breathalyzer with a cloud-based web portal via a wireless connection. Facial recognition technology confirms the identity of the tester, while tamper resistant sensors ensure the integrity of tests and automation creates a seamless remote monitoring solution for treatment providers.

Treating and caring for the recovering person, wherever they may be on their journey to sobriety, is one of the goals of The Recovery Concierge. Together, The Recovery Concierge and Soberlink have optimized the sobriety monitoring process for recovering people in continuing care.


Studies show that patients who do not participate in continuing-care programs are more likely to relapse. Too often, people mistakenly think alcohol use disorders need only be addressed with inpatient treatment programs. While treatment facilities are an extraordinary springboard into sobriety, recovery doesn’t end when the person leaves. Alcoholism is classified as a chronic disease, meaning there is no cure and it requires ongoing care.

The currently accepted system can lead to unfortunate lapses in care. The Recovery Concierge and Soberlink are two companies who work to bridge those gaps in service during recovery.

Among those gaps are the traditional methods of alcohol detection, primarily urine tests. These tests suffer from limitations in accuracy, sensitivity, and convenience that compromise their ability to identify substance abuse problems, discourage alcohol use, and properly document abstinence. In addition, those in recovery often report feeling dehumanized when they have to report for a test at a laboratory.

Other obstacles of alcohol urine testing in a lab often occur with the chain of custody, and discrepancies with lab results. Further, the results often take days to come in, meaning that case managers lose valuable intervention time in the event of a relapse. One of the primary advantages of using Soberlink is the ability to provide a timely intervention thanks to readily available test results.

All of these gaps in service, and many more, are the types of problems that The Recovery Concierge and Soberlink are working together to solve.

Soberlink Solutions at The Recovery Concierge

The Recovery Concierge has implemented Soberlink for its clients recovering from alcohol use disorders whose relapse would mean great risk to their health, possibly even resulting in death.

The automation Soberlink technology offers has eliminated the guessing game. The Recovery Concierge is able to be aware of a client’s situation almost immediately, making communicating and intervening more effective than ever.

Soberlink’s real-time test results allow doctors and case managers to review BAC levels, assess situations, and quickly make decisions to best support the recovering person. Thus filling a major gap in recovery care with The Recovery Concierge’s programs. After all, a timely intervention can prove to be the next big phase in someone’s recovery.

Clients are able to test anywhere, anytime thanks to the convenience of Soberlink. Modern technology combined with The Recovery Concierge’s innovative programs allow clients to immediately rebuild trust while having a tangible measure of accountability to make changes in their behavior. At The Recovery Concierge, clients are unanimously in favor of the Soberlink System compared to visiting a lab for a urine test.

Suggested Use Protocol

In an effort to make Soberlink a part of the client's daily, routine, rather than a burden, random testing is strongly discouraged. Scheduled testing creates structure and accountability while the anxiety of unpredictable testing can cause clients to miss tests The program is more effective if the client is submitting planned, required tests rather than making excuses for why they missed random tests. Soberlink's suggested testing protocol requires three test per day.

Two staple tests: one in the morning and one in the evening.

The third test should be scheduled during a pinpointed "trigger time" for the client - this will vary.

In the event of a positive test, the Soberlink system allows monitors to respond quickly and appropriately in the best interest of the client.

As continued-care programs are not one size fits all, monitors should refer to the initial relapse contract to determine any consequences for non-compliance.


Though Soberlink is used in a variety of situations, the most common scenario that puts The Recovery Concierge on alert is when a client begins to miss their scheduled Soberlink testing. Since it only takes 60 seconds to send a test, missing tests are usually the first indication that the client is struggling with their addiction.

The Recovery Concierge case managers have been able to successfully deescalate situations in which missed Soberlink tests have correctly indicated the beginning of a relapse.

Soberlink not only eliminates the challenges of getting test results, but also gives case managers the opportunity to intervene in a timely manner if a slip or relapse occurs. In addition, data from Soberlink’s breath-testing system can help case managers and loved ones rest assured that the client is on the right track to a successful recovery.

Early intervention, personalized continuing care, and successful recovery are all possible with Soberlink monitoring solutions and the cutting edge programs at The Recovery Concierge.

About The Recovery Concierge

The services innovated by The Recovery Concierge were born out of perceived gaps in the treatment of substance use disorders. The Recovery Concierge stays involved with client recovery, thereby offering support and a structure of accountability for sober lifestyles. By offering more personalized aftercare and mentoring, The Recovery Concierge is able to guide and keep its clients on the right path toward healthy recovery.


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Soberlink supports accountability for sobriety through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, the portable design and technology includes facial recognition, tamper detection and real-time reporting. Soberlink proves sobriety with reliability to foster trust and peace of mind.

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