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September 14, 2013
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March 12, 2024

The Power to Make Life Better

How mobile technology is saving careers—and lives—for professionals overcoming alcohol dependency.

High stakes demand high accountability.

Professionals in industries like medicine, law enforcement, and aviation have significant obligations to their clients and the general public.

Professional boards and state-licensing agencies recognize this responsibility and monitor licensees who’ve had problems with substance abuse.

To support individuals working to maintain their sobriety, Dr. Greg Skipper and his team at Promises Treatment Centers offer medical assistance, counseling, and long-term monitoring of patient progress.

Traditional methods of alcohol detection, primarily urine tests, suffer from limitations in accuracy, sensitivity, and convenience that compromise their ability to identify substance abuse problems, discourage alcohol use, and document abstinence.

Soberlink’s handheld SL2 Breathalyzer answers these concerns by detecting breath alcohol content (BAC) and transmitting the results immediately via Verizon Wireless’ secure, private network.


According to Dr. Skipper alcohol is the most commonly abused substance and its effects can be devastating to individuals, families, businesses, and the public.

Promises Treatment Centers were the first to treat alcoholism as a chronic condition. Moreover, doctors discovered that the one-size-fits-all model of traditional detox and treatment programs doesn’t work for everyone. Some patients aren’t able to make it last after leaving treatment.

Now, Promises carefully evaluates unique conditions and develops an individualized treatment plan. A key to success is frequent and long-term monitoring to support those in recovery.

Traditional urine and Breathalyzer tests for blood alcohol are inconvenient. The time, hassle, and cost of these tests limit their frequency to roughly once a week in a reasonable scenario, and aren’t efficient or consistent.

To improve outcomes, Dr. Skipper sought a simpler, faster, and more accurate way to monitor alcohol use.

Soberlink Solutions in Treatment

In just over a year, Dr. Skipper has used the SL2 in more than 150 patient cases and has seen wide acceptance and improved outcomes. Every client that enters the residential Professionals Treatment Program at Promises receives a Soberlink device and uses it two to four times a day to keep them accountable, document their abstinence, and discourage drinking.

Doctors and other caregivers can review the information and make real-time decisions to support the patient and protect the public.

Patients are free to travel almost anywhere, thanks to the extensive coverage provided by Verizon Wireless. Information is transmitted immediately and securely over a protected, private network dedicated solely to Soberlink data.

Promises patients unanimously prefer the convenience of the device to urine testing, and they trust the reliability and security of the Verizon private network to keep them connected to appropriate monitoring without fail.

Sarah’s Story

At just 30 years old, Sarah* was a brilliant researcher at a major medical school and widely recognized as a rising star in her field. At home, she had a good life with her husband and children.But she had recently relapsed in her battle against alcohol dependency and now risked losing her job, ruining her career, and possibly being separated from her family.

Fortunately, Dr. Skipper had an answer. Results from Soberlink’s SL2 helped Sarah see the reality of her situation – she needed help to be accountable.

Sarah committed to residential treatment at Promises, using the SL2 daily while receiving counseling and medical assistance.
Since leaving Promises, Sarah has continued to use the device daily to monitor her recovery and reassure her employers, colleagues, and family that she’s on the right track.

She resumed her work and with the support of her department, received a $4 million grant to continue the research she loves.


Early intervention, thorough evaluations, personalized treatment, and the SL2 from Soberlink complete the puzzle to increase efficiency and improve outcomes.

With data from the SL2, employers are assured that professionals are fit for service at any time.

Most importantly, individuals and families struggling with alcohol dependency draw encouragement from instant feedback on their efforts to maintain sobriety, all while enjoying greater freedom from the hassles of traditional testing.

Together with Soberlink and Promises treatment centers, Verizon technology is enabling powerful outcomes, solving real problems, and helping real people.

About Promises Treatment Centers
Organization description: Promises Treatment Centers are CARF-accredited, dual-diagnosis, addiction treatment centers specializing in treating addictions including alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and prescription drug addiction. The centers have specialized programs for the evaluation and treatment of licensed professionals.

About Greg Skipper, MD
Dr. Skipper has been a board-certified specialist in addiction medicine for more than 30 years. He is currently director of professional health services at Promises Treatment Centers in Santa Monica, California. Previously, he worked with the Betty Ford Center’s Licensed Professionals Program and numerous state agencies and organizations.

*Some details have been changed to protect the individual’s privacy. Customer was aware that its responses would be used in this case study; however, compensation was not provided for participation.Network details & coverage maps at © 2013 Verizon Wireless.

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Soberlink supports accountability for sobriety through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, the portable design and technology includes facial recognition, tamper detection and real-time reporting. Soberlink proves sobriety with reliability to foster trust and peace of mind.

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