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As the Experts in Remote Alcohol Monitoring, we support accountability for sobriety through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system.

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Our Mission

Soberlink strives to erase the stigma of alcohol monitoring by designing and developing the very best technology for a modern, discreet user experience.

Our History

Since 2011, Soberlink has and continues to innovate, coming up with new solutions to make alcohol monitoring even more convenient and reliable.


First beta mobile breath prototype developed


SL2, industry’s first handheld cellular alcohol monitoring device

Partnership developed with Verizon Wireless

Soberlink receives first patent for mobile breath system


Facial Recognition Software introduced
to Sober Sky web portal

Soberlink Devices sold in all 50 states and Canada


Soberlink Receives FDA Clearance for Medical Use


Soberlink Releases Advanced Reporting and Alerting


Soberlink, Inc. founded

Creation of mobile breath category in alcohol monitoring industry


SL1, industry’s first handheld real-time alcohol monitoring device


Soberlink launches Bluetooth Device with Apple MFi compatibilities


Spinoff of Criminal Justice division, sold to The GEO Group

Soberlink Healthcare LLC founded

Over 100 Treatment Facilities use Soberlink for Clinical Monitoring


Soberlink Releases Consensus Paper by Advisory Board


Soberlink launches Connect®, the first remote breathalyzer to harness the power of both Apple and Android

3rd Generation Facial Recognition Software introduced, dramatically enhancing performance

What is an Alcohol Monitoring System?

An alcohol monitoring system allows a user to observe, detect, and document their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). There are many different types of solutions and devices that can do this.

Although remote alcohol monitoring systems had already been established in the criminal justice field, Soberlink was the first company to focus on remote monitoring for Addiction Treatment and Family Law.

Types of Alcohol Monitoring
Ankle Bracelet

The ankle bracelet alcohol monitoring system is an example of one that is often used in criminal justice. Our discreet and portable devices are designed to promote freedom in recovery.

Ankle Bracelet
Ignition Interlock

Ignition Interlock alcohol monitoring systems only document sobriety when driving. Our remote technology allows for testing to be done anytime, anywhere.

Ignition Interlock
Urine Tests

Urine Tests as alcohol monitoring systems can be a hassle for the user, especially if they are randomly scheduled. We encourage set schedules which establish healthy routines for those in recovery.

Urine Test

We use combination of unprecedented technologies such as facial recognition to deliver real-time results to create a truly seamless and automated alcohol monitoring system.

Woman trying a Soberlink device
Ankle BraceletIgnition InterlockUrine TestWoman trying a Soberlink device

Soberlink’s remote alcohol monitoring system documents sobriety with the highest level of reliability and accuracy to foster trust and peace of mind.