Futures Recovery Healthcare Case Study: Empowering Alumni with Soberlink

Case Study with Futures Recovery Healthcare
June 16, 2020
|   updated:
March 12, 2024


Founded in 2012, Futures Recovery Healthcare is a state-licensed, Joint Commission accredited behavioral healthcare provider located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Treating addiction disorders using an evidence-based, holistic approach, the facility is licensed to provide a full continuum of care to those in need.  Futures has earned the reputation of clinical excellence and a robust alumni relations network.

In 2019, Futures Recovery Healthcare launched Orenda, a 10-bed concierge clinical program, that addresses the addiction and mental health needs of high net worth individuals and their families. Benefitting anyone unable to distance themselves from the stressors and triggers of addiction, Orenda’s programmatic flexibility provides clients with the most personalized and intensive care available. Adults with a primary diagnosis of SUD/AUD enjoy curated services. Orenda’s concierge program, along with its use of remote alcohol monitoring technology, help those obtain sobriety and sustain it.

The Challenge

Long-term personal accountability is the key to success in addiction recovery. Post-treatment, Futures’ clients were staying engaged through an active alumni program. Though beneficial, Futures struggled to connect with alumni in real-time during instances of relapse or slips. As Ryan Miller, Director of Alumni Services of Futures, shares, “We were solely reliant on alumni services’ proactive follow-up to reveal prior or current drinking. We were entirely dependent on client or family outreach to directly report alcohol use.”

To bridge the gap of support, Futures needed an accountability tool for post-treatment that would provide continued care and boost recovery outcomes. For those struggling to maintain sobriety post-care, real-time intervention and constant connection to their recovery circle were the missing pieces to maintaining long-term sobriety. “Early intervention is key when clients are showing signs of struggle,” expresses Ryan Miller. Futures wanted to be able to “quickly provide additional support to someone in need.”

To make post-treatment follow-up more efficient and eliminate the reliance of family direct outreach regarding slips, Futures needed a unique, real-time, and remote accountability tool that would be used in conjunction with alumni services. Most importantly, the offered tool needed to align with Futures’ values by being excellent – discreet, easy-to-use, and not compromising clients’ freedom post-treatment. “In post-residential treatment, much of early recovery success can be linked to accountability,” Ryan explains. “For Futures to directly provide a service that aids in personal accountability, we feel it further strengthens our ability to support clients and their families.”

The Solution

Remaining committed to offering the most individualized services to their clients, Futures suggested Soberlink Remote Alcohol Monitoring as their post-treatment tool for recovery. More than a breathalyzer, Soberlink is an FDA-cleared, comprehensive system that combines facial recognition, tamper detection, and Advanced Reporting® for effortless data capture and review. Soberlink is the only system of its kind to support discreet, daily scheduled tests that connect an individual with their recovery circle in real-time.

In the Spring of 2019, Futures decided to adopt the Soberlink system as an included service for all discharging Orenda clients struggling with AUD. Utilizing the system’s Certified Treatment Provider service, Futures was able to observe client successes and missteps in real-time. Ryan shares, “We decided to monitor clients through the Soberlink portal directly, resulting in more personalized accountability for our clients and additional clients served in both the core and Orenda programs.”

For many, Soberlink provides comfort to clients navigating their first year of recovery. The unique system allows individuals to feel supported in their journey by connecting them to those who are invested in their success. “In addition to increased accountability offered through Soberlink, our clients like knowing their test results are sent directly to a Futures staff member that they know. They also like knowing what to expect if a missed or positive test takes place,” explains Ryan.

Facilities like Futures have reputations to uphold. Devoted to providing exceptional treatment, programs like Orenda must only incorporate technology that upholds Future’s mission to provide unparalleled care. “We would recommend using Soberlink to any facility treating individuals battling AUD as a post-discharge recommendation to promote personal accountability, transparency, and to rebuild trust in their relationships.” Ryan continues, “Amongst our high net-worth clients who have access to a multitude of resources, the empowerment they gain from this technology allows them ownership over reporting, accountability, and in turn, their long-term sobriety.”


Futures has found Soberlink to be well-received amongst clients and staff. While slips have occurred, the alcohol monitoring system has prevented these instances from becoming full-blown relapses. Ryan mentions, “We do have experience with turning a one-time test positive into a single-use episode. Quick intervention helps get the client back on track, without needing a return to residential treatment.”

User-friendly, discreet, accurate, and easy-to-digest reports are just some of the reasons the system comes highly regarded as a dynamic recovery tool. “Feedback from clients and families regarding Soberlink has been overwhelmingly positive. With personalized test times and flexible testing windows, submitting a test is both feasible and protective of anonymity,” Ryan states. “Clients express feeling empowered and accountable to themselves and their recovery. The peace of mind provided to family members who receive test results helps rebuild trust in a way that otherwise could take significantly longer.”

“The use of Soberlink has already improved our clients’ outcomes, and it helps to validate the measures we regularly track.” Futures and Soberlink have formed a unique partnership rooted in providing unprecedented support to clients who need it most.


“After going through the Orenda program for 90 days, which was outstanding, it was life-changing and transformational, I decided to use Soberlink. It’s really non-negotiable. It is something that if you are serious about your recovery, staying in recovery, and your sobriety, the level of accountability, especially in the early months is priceless. It’s just one more thing that you say okay, I’m going to hold myself accountable three times a day to this breathalyzer. I found that Soberlink was vital to staying sober and in recovery. I’ve been on it now for over seven months, and I would not do well without it. I would highly recommend it to anyone. – Orenda @ Futures Recovery Healthcare Alumni

“I’m a little over seven months sober, and Soberlink has helped me get to where I am. Knowing that I had to blow three times a day kept me from reaching for the wine. Now, feeling much stronger in my sobriety, I’ve had days I think I don’t need it anymore until something in life happens that hurts me or throws me for a loop. Then, I’m so thankful for Soberlink. It is always there to help remind me of the consequences.” – Orenda @ Futures Recovery Healthcare Alumni

“Soberlink is saving my life. Each day, I feel a sense of accomplishment and self-pride, as it provides validation of my sobriety. Use of the device has given the real ‘me’ back to my family. Soberlink is simple, fast, and it easily fits in my purse. My choice is to continue the use of the device for one year, perhaps longer.” – Orenda @ Futures Recovery Healthcare Alumni

“After more than ten years of struggling with her alcohol addiction, my wife has finally found the path forward to a sustainable sober life. The Soberlink program is a key element in her success, and she has embraced using it for 12 months. Having my best friend back is priceless, and I can’t thank the staff at Futures enough for implementing this device. It truly is saving her life.” – Orenda @ Futures Recovery Healthcare Family member

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