Alcohol Monitoring 101: What You Should Know

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January 24, 2021
|   Updated:
November 17, 2023

Do you suffer from alcohol abuse? As helpless and scary as this abuse or addiction can be, know you’re not alone. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports a staggering 15.1 million Americans ages 18 and older suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD), or the uncontrollable, preoccupied use of alcohol.

To aid in abuse and addiction recovery, many patients, treatment providers, and family law professionals recommend the use of alcohol monitoring systems. In this article, you’ll learn more about what alcohol monitoring is, how it can benefit you, and other useful information to help you decide if an alcohol monitoring breathalyzer system is the right choice for you.

What is Alcohol Monitoring?

Alcohol monitoring refers to the act of using a tested device to observe, detect, and record one’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the percent of alcohol in the bloodstream. While some alcohol monitoring devices must be worn on the body or professionally installed in your vehicle, Soberlink’s innovative breathalyzer system features remote alcohol monitoring technology that uses facial recognition and wirelessly connects with a cloud-based web portal. As one of the most high-tech, easy-to-use alcohol monitoring devices on the market, Soberlink is the new go-to for recovering AUD patients, licensed-professional programs, treatment providers, recovery programs, and family law professionals.

Benefits of Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring

With real-time wireless transmitting capabilities, facial recognition and innovative management software, clients can benefit from customizable notification and automated report settings, along with other advantages including:

  • Live results that eliminate the need for prolonged lab evaluation results
  • Convenient anytime, anywhere BAC testing
  • Reliable FDA Cleared accurate medical device
  • Affordability and cost effectiveness when compared to other alcohol monitoring systems

With more than seven years as a trusted alcohol monitoring solution for criminal justice, workplace compliance, addiction treatment, and family law, Soberlink provides unprecedented levels of reliability, accuracy, and innovation. Furthermore, with FDA 501(k) clearance for medical use, the Soberlink breathalyzer device is now a trusted tool for continued care for major treatment facilities and clinical alcohol recovery programs across the nation.

Is Alcohol Monitoring Right for You?

Thanks to its versatility, accessibility, and intuitiveness, the Soberlink alcohol monitoring breathalyzer can be a reliable, effective solution for a variety of wants and needs.

  • Patients: If you’re a recovering alcoholic or are trying to get your alcohol use under control, Soberlink not only helps to keep you connected with your treatment provider, but it also accurately documents your sobriety to effectively build accountability and structure.
  • Treatment providers: With real-time treatment plan and progress assessment, Soberlink gives you peace of mind knowing your patients are staying on track while also giving you opportunity to intervene immediately if necessary.
  • Companies employing licensed-professionals: From major airlines to local hospitals, Soberlink can be used to provide licensed-professional programs with the ability to test employee BACs in real-time and eliminating the need for lab-sensitive urine testing.
  • Those in recovery: The Soberlink Share Program allows those in recovery to share their sobriety with members of recovery programs and support networks like friends, family, sponsors, and therapists.
  • Family Law: Designed to make parenting safer with discreet and convenient alcohol testing, Soberlink can be used to test BAC levels either daily or only while parenting. Whether parental alcohol monitoring is court ordered, voluntary, or simply to provide peace of mind, Soberlink has the services and features needed for all solutions.

As the most innovative tool for remote alcohol monitoring, Soberlink goes above and beyond to aid in the security, accuracy, and accountability of alcohol use and recovery. Choose the best Soberlink program for you and order the device that fits your needs, today.

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Soberlink supports accountability for sobriety through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, the portable design and technology includes facial recognition, tamper detection and real-time reporting. Soberlink proves sobriety with reliability to foster trust and peace of mind.

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