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FDA Cleared for Medical Use

Soberlink has received 510(k) premarket clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for medical use by healthcare providers to remotely measure alcohol in human breath, for the purpose of aiding in the detection and monitoring of alcohol consumption.

Most Tested, Most Trusted

We put as much effort into testing our products as we do into designing and manufacturing them. Soberlink Devices are among the most tested breathalyzers on the market.

Soberlink’s commitment to accuracy drives thousands of testing hours and extensive quality control programs and ensures the highest level of integrity while continually improving our technology.

Tamper Resistant Technology

Soberlink Breathalyzers are the first to include a high-resolution camera and Adaptive Facial Recognition technology to confirm the integrity of each breath test.

Soberlink Devices are also equipped with proprietary technology capable of detecting a wide variety of tamper attempts.

“I use Soberlink as part of a custody arrangement with my ex-wife. I test my BAC multiple times on days when I’m watching my children. Accuracy is a vital key to keeping my kids. I wouldn’t trust anyone but Soberlink.”

— Soberlink Client since 2015
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Only the Highest Quality

Soberlink Devices contain the same globally trusted fuel-cell sensor used in law enforcement and workplace breath alcohol monitoring to deliver consistent, reliable BAC readings.

Soberlink partners with only the best and most dependable companies to provide safe, secure mobile coverage for every submitted breath test.

Cleared Breathalyzer
ISO Certified
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