7 Things to Get You Through the Week

7 Things to Get You Through the Week
May 7, 2015
|   Updated:
January 2, 2021

It can be easy for us to lose sight of the little things when we get bogged down in the day-to-day. But if we take a few minutes to appreciate some of the good things that are happening in the world, we can adjust our perspective and have a happier outlook.

These 7 Things Made Us Happy This Week

1. Start with getting yourself to feel better physically. And the quickest way to do that is to look at what you’re eating. Read about 10 Foods that are scientifically proven to make you feel happy.

2. Moving into the mental space, we can often get stuck in a rut without even realizing it. This list is full of unique ways to stop worrying, have fun, and change your perspective.  Here are 9 Mostly free ways to spark creativity and fun.

3. The recovery community is as vibrant as ever with people out there doing amazing things to increase the likelihood of healthy recovery for others.  One example is Kristen Johnston, who is building NYC’s first sober high school.

4. The human spirit is capable of amazing things and the connections we form in hard times are often the most meaningful. This video of a nurse and her patient has gone viral in the last few weeks for good reason.  Watch the nurse’s heartwarming reaction to seeing her patient get out of a wheelchair.

5. Sometimes the most effective way to change our perspective is to take some time out of our busy day and practice mindful relaxation. Coloring books for grown ups are rapidly gaining popularity because the activity is a peaceful way to spark creativity.  Here are 10 Adult coloring books to help you de-stress and self-express.

6. Ground yourself in moving words and literature that resonate with you. Best-selling author T.A. Barron, of the 12-book Merlin Saga series, has put together a list of 7 moving words to help you feel empowered.

7. Sometimes the positive actions of others are enough to restore our faith in others. Especially when those kind actions come from someone who is highly visible in the sobriety community. Watch Robert Downey Jr. helps a kid who had a rough day.

About the Author

Shelby Hendrix is a blogger from the Northern Midwest with close personal ties to the addiction world. She focuses on the addiction landscape to reach out to those fighting alcoholism and compel them to seek an informed, healthy recovery.

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