Alcohol's Silent Dominance: Enhance Treatment Efficacy with Monitoring Technology

Alcohol's Silent Dominance: Enhance Treatment Efficacy with Monitoring Technology
August 22, 2023
|   Updated:
March 25, 2024

In the constantly shifting world of substance use disorders (SUDs), particular substances frequently take center stage in media and public discourse. Lately, opioids and fentanyl have captured most of the spotlight. However, data from the FoRSE Treatment Outcomes Program 2023 Annual Summary, a comprehensive study that collects and analyzes de-identified patient data on addiction treatment outcomes, reveals a frequently underestimated powerhouse in addiction: alcohol. Accounting for a staggering 57% of primary SUD diagnoses, alcohol significantly outpaces opioids, stimulants, and other substances in its widespread impact on society.

Primary SUD Diagnosis Chart

The Reality of Alcohol Addiction

The consumption of alcohol is socially sanctioned and even celebrated in many cultures, making its addictive potential even more treacherous. As a substance, alcohol is pervasive, accessible, and socially accepted, blurring the lines between casual consumption and problematic use. Treatment professionals are acutely aware of these challenges, especially considering the difficulty in monitoring alcohol due to its rapid metabolism in the body.

A New Paradigm in Monitoring: Soberlink

Frequent monitoring is essential, primarily since traditional random testing methods such as urine or PeTH can be invasive and generate unnecessary stress. This is where Soberlink, a revolutionary remote recovery technology, becomes extremely beneficial. While it may be misconstrued as a mere remote breathalyzer by some, Soberlink is distinguished by its sophisticated features:

  • Customized Testing Schedule: Automated text notifications prompt users to test two to three times daily, instilling a sense of routine and responsibility.
  • Advanced Identity Verification: FDA-cleared devices employ facial recognition to ascertain user identity, ensuring genuine test results.
  • Tamper Detection: A feature that stands testament to the integrity of the system, making it formidable against attempts to cheat.
  • Real-time Reporting: The cloud-based alcohol recovery management portal swiftly dispatches results, enabling swift interventions.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Consistent monitoring has long been recognized as a tool for improved outcomes in early recovery.

These advanced capabilities echo sentiments from the front lines of addiction treatment. Dr. Aviva Fohrer, an Addiction Treatment Professional, mentions, "With Soberlink, it gives me real-time information, which is pretty invaluable." Sean Everett, LCDC, further reiterates its pivotal role post-treatment, "Soberlink is really the only objective evidence that we can get that someone is not using alcohol once they leave treatment."

Man holding Soberlink Device

Building Trust and Encouraging Accountability

For professionals in the realm of addiction treatment, tools like Soberlink are invaluable. They shift the paradigm from crisis management to proactive intervention, while also fostering trust. Leslie Martin, LCSW, emphasizes its role in rebuilding familial trust, "Soberlink has been a nice way to increase trust and connectivity to clients' family members."

Moreover, the efficacy of Soberlink's real-time monitoring becomes evident when drawing parallels with Licensed Professional programs. Such programs have historically demonstrated a high success rate in aiding recovery among monitored clients. This success is often attributed to the assumption that licensed professionals have tangible assets at risk, namely their professional standing and employment. However, it's paramount to recognize that every individual battling addiction has intrinsic and substantial stakes in their recovery journey. Whether it's their personal well-being, relationships, or overall quality of life, the losses extend beyond mere occupational consequences. Therefore, the monitoring strategies used in professional compliance programs should be universally adopted as a gold standard in all recovery initiatives, emphasizing the universal value of human life and well-being.

Mother dropping off son to father, divorced couple co-parenting

In Conclusion

The battle against alcohol addiction necessitates embracing innovative tools like Soberlink. With its sophisticated features and evidence-backed efficacy, Soberlink is more than an alcohol monitoring device; it's a lifeline, bridging the gap between treatment professionals and those in alcohol recovery. As we continue to address the challenges posed by alcohol, it's imperative that treatment providers equip themselves with the best tools available, making interventions timely, effective, and holistic.

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