Empowering Recovery: Enhancing Client Care with Soberlink

Enhancing Client Care with Soberlink
February 12, 2024
|   Updated:
March 25, 2024


As an addiction treatment professional, your dedication to guiding clients through recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is so important in helping to improve lives. Soberlink is here to enhance your mission by offering a reliable, user-friendly tool that supports your clients’ journey beyond the structured treatment environment. The best part? Implementing Soberlink takes no additional work from you – simply refer your clients to sign up. 

What is Soberlink?

The Soberlink system tracks your client’s alcohol levels throughout the day with a discreet and portable breathalyzer. To ease concerns about the accuracy of the results, Soberlink includes key features like facial recognition and sensors that detect tamper attempts. The BAC readings are instantly sent to you, the treatment provider, and to your client's loved ones via text or email to rebuild trust.

Treatment provider and client discussing Soberlink

Alcohol Monitoring: Aligned with Your Continued Care Objectives

Referring clients to alcohol monitoring is a natural extension of your commitment to their well-being. It empowers clients to remain accountable, building on the solid foundation you have helped them build.

After treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), many face the risk of relapse, with studies showing that 40 to 60 percent of individuals may experience a relapse at some point in their recovery journey. This is not much different from the relapse rates of other chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma, emphasizing that substance use disorders require ongoing management just like any other chronic illness​​​​.

Why Soberlink?

Many people try to hide their drinking from loved ones post-treatment, driven by a desire to protect them from disappointment or by loved ones' hopes that treatment was a definitive solution. This situation creates a dangerous environment where relapses can occur unnoticed, providing a false sense of security to both the recovering individual and their support network. It's crucial to have a monitoring system in place that is robust and difficult to circumvent to maintain the safety and progress of recovery.

Soberlink addresses these concerns directly by leveraging advanced technology to prevent and catch test manipulations, such as using air pumps, having another person blow, or physically altering the device. Soberlink’s features, including facial recognition and tamper detection, ensure that the person being tested is indeed the one providing the sample. This system not only supports individuals in maintaining their sobriety but also allows families and friends to be active participants in the recovery process without being misled by false assurances.

Implementing Soberlink doesn't require additional work from treatment providers. It's as simple as referring clients to sign up, bridging the gap between treatment and daily life, and ensuring that recovery is a sustainable, long-term process. With Soberlink, the hard work of treatment providers is reinforced, prioritizing safety, accountability, and invaluable peace of mind for both recovering individuals and their loved ones.

Testimonials from Treatment Professionals

  • "The patients that use Soberlink are making an active effort to be accountable in early recovery. A simple Soberlink test is practicing accountability and strengthening that accountability muscle." - Dominic Angres, LCPC, CADC, Executive Director, Positive Sobriety Institute, Chicago, IL.
  • "I wish everyone could leave a treatment center with Soberlink in their hands, it's an amazing tool for my clients." - Cindy Feinberg, Recovery Coach of NY.
  • "Soberlink just ticked all the boxes in terms of convenience, portability, user friendly. We were really impressed with just how easy it all is." - Nicola Donaldson, CSC.
  • "Treatment Professionals would really enjoy Soberlink. It's easy, it's effective, it's convenient." - Amber Hollingsworth, LPC, MAC.

Client Success Stories with Soberlink

  • "I've been to multiple inpatient treatments, a couple of IOPs, a sober living facility. What finally worked for me was Soberlink." - Doug.
  • "I trusted Soberlink because it came highly recommended from all of my clinicians in treatment. I know that there are a lot of other options out there, but Soberlink was always the one that was suggested to me the most." - Jack.
  • "You may think you're strong and your program is strong, but if it falters, I highly recommend Soberlink." - John. 

Soberlink's Impact: Evidence from a Recent Study

Omni Research’s "Six-Month Longitudinal Study of 100 Soberlink Clients" further underscores the effectiveness of Soberlink. Participants reported high satisfaction and a significant improvement in their quality of life and recovery capital. Additionally, the study revealed a notable decrease in the need for intensive treatment services over time, demonstrating Soberlink's role in supporting sustained recovery and sobriety.

Amplifying Your Lifesaving Influence

By recommending Soberlink, you extend your life-changing work, providing clients with a practical tool for sustained recovery and a testament to your dedication.

Consider referring Soberlink as a significant step in supporting your clients' long-term well-being.

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