The Red Songbird Foundation & Soberlink: An interview with Jason Wahler

Red Songbird Foundation
June 14, 2021
|   Updated:
August 15, 2023

What sets The Red Songbird Foundation apart from other non-profit recovery organizations?

There are two big factors that set The Red Songbird Foundation apart from other organizations. The first major one is that our organization is not financially tied to any treatment center, health care provider, or 3rd party entity. That allows us the opportunity to help the best way we see fit through our network of collaborative experts both clinically and experientially. The second big reason is looking at how the organization was formed. The concept was created out of a purely altruistic desire that Hilary Roberts had to help people. From there, she surrounded herself with likeminded people who so desperately wanted to see change in the mental health fields.


How did you first hear about Soberlink?

I actually came across Soberlink years ago when I was helping some friends that were newly in recovery. I thought Soberlink provided a way for me to check up on them and watch from a distance but still provide a level of monitoring to hold them accountable.


How do you think Soberlink would’ve benefitted you in recovery?

I feel Soberlink would have benefitted me by providing an additional layer of accountability. It’s a very non-intrusive process that takes less time out of your day than meeting someone face to face. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, I feel Soberlink is more helpful than ever by taking aftercare virtual. I feel aftercare is the most important period of a person’s recovery because as I say,” It’s not hard to get sober, it’s hard to stay sober.”


Why do you think Soberlink will be a good partner for your Foundation?

I believe Soberlink is a great partner for The Red Songbird Foundation because at the end of the day, we want something similar. We want individuals to be able to have the best they can and for some, sobriety is a part of that. Soberlink provides an additional method that may work better for some in maintaining his or her personal program. The more options we have available, the better chances we have to do something about the ugly disease of addiction.


How do people in recovery sign-up to use Soberlink through the Foundation?

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Soberlink, they will be providing us with some devices and trial periods to help individuals who could a little more structure and accountability, but unfortunately don’t have the means to obtain it. We will be holding an application window with a signup form on the RSF website and at the end of the period, we will select candidates that we think could best benefit from the opportunity.


What does success look like for you in your own recovery?

Successful recovery for me is being completely abstinent of drugs and alcohol. With that, comes having the motivation and direction each day. By combining that with passion in what I do, it helps me be present in my life. Whether I’m present with friends, family or experiences, I’m in the moment embracing all that life has to offer. We all have a life worth living, it’s up to us to put in the work to achieve it.


What is one piece of advice for someone who is hesitant about taking that first step towards recovery?

Why procrastinate when you are of aware what’s going on? Addiction is the disease of denial. Really consider, does alcohol grow or shrink the one beautiful life that you have to live?

The Red Songbird Foundation was established to help those less fortunate obtain the care they need for trauma, mental health, and alcoholism or substance abuse. The Red Songbird Foundation was founded in 2009 by Billboard-charting singer Hilary Roberts, who has been sober from drugs and alcohol since 1997. The non-profit organization celebrated its public launch in May 2019. Shortly after, Hilary joined forces with “The Hills” star Jason Wahler to introduce the foundation to a broader audience. Jason has been an active member of the recovery community since 2010 and dedicates his life to raising awareness towards addiction and reducing the negative stigma associated with the disease.


Soberlink, a comprehensive remote alcohol monitoring system that combines facial recognition, tamper detection, and Advanced Reporting capabilities, was designed to promote accountability and transparency in early recovery. Considered the Gold Standard in alcohol monitoring technology by Addiction Treatment industry leaders, Soberlink is committed to extending its services to individuals who show a desire to spark change in their lives but have minimal resources due to financial limitations. With mirroring goals in mind, Soberlink and The Red Songbird Foundation have joined forces to offer those struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder an opportunity to use the intuitive system to supplement their recovery free of charge through The Red Songbird Scholarship Fund.

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