Workplace Compliance
Modern Alcohol Monitoring

Workplace Compliance
Modern Alcohol Monitoring

The Leader in Mobile Breath Technology

Soberlink is at the forefront of recovery innovation and the leader in remote alcohol monitoring for licensed-professional programs. Since 2011, Soberlink has partnered with major airlines and physician’s health programs to provide real-time alcohol testing as an alternative, or adjunct, to urine testing. In safety-sensitive careers, high stakes demand high accountability.

“Soberlink is brilliant in its simplicity and comprehensive in its results. It is a tool that will soon replace all other forms of alcohol monitoring.”

— Dr. Greg Skipper, Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and Director of Professional Health Service for Promises Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

Advanced Breathalyzer System

Real-Time Alerts

Soberlink’s unprecedented real-time reporting gives case managers the opportunity to see BAC results at the time of testing, instead of waiting days for a lab evaluation with urine testing. This real-time connectivity helps ensure a safer work environment and provides better accountability for participants.

No more inconvenient or invasive visits to a lab, Soberlink only takes 60 seconds and can be used nearly anywhere.

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Customized Reporting

Soberlink’s Sober Sky Web Portal is a recovery management software that enables case managers to customize reporting to fit program needs. From real-time Alerts to automated email Reports, Soberlink provides comprehensive and intuitive tracking for any type of program.

Accuracy and Tamper Detection

Soberlink’s automated facial recognition and robust tamper detection technology is court validated and ensures the integrity of every breath test. Soberlink Devices integrate on the most trusted fuel-cell sensors on the market, and adhere to the highest standards in Breathalyzer technology.

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Case Study

Recovery is a process, not a single event. Together, Wyoming Professional Assistance Program and Soberlink have optimized the sobriety monitoring process for recovering professionals.

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