Soberlink Share® Program

The Share® Program is designed for recovering individuals who want to share their sobriety with their recovery circle, or support network. The Share® Program leverages Soberlink’s robust technology and extensive resources to establish accountability and build structure into your continuing-care program. Your recovery circle can include loved ones, friends, sponsors, therapists, or all of the above.

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The Benefits of the Share® Program

For Participants

  • Keeps you connected with your recovery circle
  • Builds accountability and structure
  • Documents sobriety


For the Recovery Circle

  • Support in the recovery process
  • Helps rebuild trust
  • Provides peace-of-mind

Soberlink Share® Program Plans

The Device is sold separately from the monthly subscription.
No Contract Device: $599
120-day Contract Device: $399
120-day Contract Bluetooth Device: $299 (iPhone only)
per month
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Additional Fees:
  • Subject to $50 fee if testing evaluations are performed by Soberlink’s Compliance Department
$5 per day

“Soberlink helped me stay focused on my sobriety every day. Staying connected to the people who support my recovery gave me the accountability I needed to be successful.”

— Share® Client


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