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Discussing the sober truth of alcohol, recovery, and aftercare monitoring

Monitoring Leads to Successful Recovery

Recovery is ongoing; it isn’t achieved in a short, 30-day period. Addiction is classified as a chronic illness, and relapse is an unfortunate reality that the recovery community actively works to prevent through various methods.

One such method of fending off relapse is monitoring programs. Monitoring typically consists of some form of testing (random or scheduled) and consistent communication with a clinician or case manager. Monitoring allows patients and clinicians to be aware of recovery progress and intervene if necessary to intervene to reduce and hopefully eliminate relapse episodes.

Addiction Experts Publish Consensus on the Soberlink System

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. – Soberlink, the leader in mobile breath alcohol detection technology, announced today its inclusion in an expert panel consensus paper about the use of remote monitoring in the clinical treatment of alcohol use disorder.

The consensus paper – written by a panel of nine alcohol use disorder treatment and research experts – was recently published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine. The paper examines the Soberlink System as a method of BAC collection and monitoring in various recovery situations. The experts concluded that remote monitoring could play a vital role in successful recovery as a method of deterrent, and a means of early detection and intervention.

Navigating Friendships After Divorce

Once married couples find other couple friends to brighten up weekends and attend concerts with, it’s tough to let them go. After all, they’ve spent months or years getting to know them, sharing important life stories, meals, and children’s events. It took effort to grow as close. And now . . . what?