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Navigating Friendships After Divorce

Once married couples find other couple friends to brighten up weekends and attend concerts with, it’s tough to let them go. After all, they’ve spent months or years getting to know them, sharing important life stories, meals, and children’s events. It took effort to grow as close. And now . . . what?

Parenting: The Importance of Asking for Help

No matter how much you love being a parent, there may come a day when you feel like you’re overwhelmed by the demands of life, your job, and your family, but you feel like you need to soldier through rather than admit you might need to talk to someone about your anxiety. Or perhaps you’re a new parent and you’re worried that you don’t quite have the hang of this “parenting” thing; best just to struggle through and deal with it as well as you can, right?

How to Say No To Your Kids

Sometimes, saying no to your kids is the right answer, but for some parents, saying no can be hard. “No” is often met with tantrums, which leads many parents to dodge the answer in the first place. However, children need to hear the word “no” as it helps them better understand decision making. If you’re struggling to say no to your children, take a look at these tips.

Three Dimensions to a Rational Relationship with Your Ex-Spouse

Emotional, Logistic and Legal aspects. The pain involved in most divorces approaches and even equals that involved in unexpected death of a loved one. Still, during this process, you’ll hear repeatedly that, for the sake of the children, you must build a workable relationship with your ex-spouse or partner. Most likely, you’ve never been called upon in the past to exert the level of willpower required to keep your anger to yourself or your friends and therapists.

Digital Rules – Managing Your Child’s Social Media

These days, the Internet is a fact of life. So much of our day-to-day is wrapped up in the online world, which makes it no wonder that digital citizens are becoming younger and younger. If you’re a parent, you may have already been subjected to pleas for a smartphone, or you might have spotted your child navigating their social media profiles on the family computer. Although the Internet is a great learning tool, it’s the social network aspect that has many parents worried, and rightly so – in this age of cyber-bullying, online trolls, and unseen predators, it’s hard to keep your kids protected from the dark side of the Internet.