Our Commitment to

Improving Lives

We’ve revolutionized remote alcohol monitoring. Over ten years of experience and carefully crafted features in the palm of your hand. With something as important as alcohol monitoring, never settle for second best.

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Quality First
  • Soberlink is the only option meticulously designed and engineered in the U.S.
  • Our company was founded with the mission of Improving Lives
  • We have invested more time, money, and resources into our system than any other company in remote alcohol monitoring
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BAC Testing
The Trusted Market Leader Since 2011 in:

We are proud to have remained the Gold Standard in Remote alcohol monitoring for over ten years

Exceptional Quality Features for Excellence in Monitoring

FDA Clearance
Ensure the highest standards are held for all processes including:
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
Food and Drug Administration
Facial Recognition Female
Real-Time Facial Recognition
Only Soberlink analyzes and approves or declines identity in real-time. Less expensive products require human review.
  • The identity is analyzed and confirmed by built-in facial recognition software immediately
  • If the software cannot confirm the identity, two humans from a UL certified 24/7 monitoring center will verify it within minutes
  • The Soberlink team performs an additional check to further verify the identity
This technology and method provide a non-invasive way to verify identity in real-time without constant manual review.
Tamper Detection
Proprietary internal sensors detect all forms of tamper attempts such as:
  • Air pumps
  • Physically altering the Device
  • Alternate air source
Connecting the Soberlink Device
Family Law
Court Validated for Over Ten Years
  • Proven use in all 50 states and Canada
  • Testified and upheld in hundreds of cases
  • In-house Compliance department dedicated to court validations
Expert Support
  • Over 100 years of combined leadership experience in alcohol monitoring
  • Dedicated, Soberlink-exclusive support team based in multiple states across the U.S.
Support Team
Non-Compliant Tests
Confirmation Tests
Like lab testing but more convenient, Soberlink requires additional tests to confirm a non-compliant result
  • After a positive test, a retest is required
  • If a second positive test is sent, a series of retests provides additional data
  • Extensive documentation of the drinking event is delivered to confirm the non-compliant result
Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting uses artificial intelligence to analyze each testing event
  • Results are delivered in an easy-to-follow calendar format
  • A.I. also determined outcomes, so our customers don't need to make assumptions
Checking the Monthly Client Detail Report
Impact of Soberlink in In-Home Substance Use Treatment
Backed by Research
Peer-reviewed and published in professional journals to demonstrate efficacy
Reputable Technology Partners
We partner with the best and most dependable technology companies
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Made in USA Boxes
Engineered and Manufactured in the US
We proudly design, produce, and manufacture everything in The United States of America
Two Device Options
Two Black Soberlink Devices
Going over some paperwork
Comprehensive Agreements
  • Agreements ensure structure at the start of monitoring
  • All of our contracts are carefully crafted to help all parties understand our technology and system
Scheduled Testing
  • Reduces stress and adds structure
  • We do not support random testing as it increases stress and adds confusion to an already difficult time
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