The leading real-time alcohol monitoring solution just got better.

The leading real-time alcohol monitoring solution just got better.

Highest Performance

Connect® packs the highest performance of all it predecessors into a compact device.

  • Faster pairing and sending speeds
  • Improved Facial Recognition
  • Increased Tamper Detection

Developed with Years of Experience

  • 2010

    First Generation Device

    Soberlink revolutionizes the alcohol monitoring industry with the first handheld wireless breath alcohol monitoring system.
  • 2012

    Second Generation Device

    The second generation Soberlink device is introduced with an embedded Verizon Cell module for a more streamlined system that can be used throughout North America.
  • 2014

    Bluetooth Device

    The Soberlink Bluetooth device is introduced as the first to leverage the power of an iPhone.
  • 2016

    Second Generation GSM Device

    The Soberlink Cellular GSM device is introduced, allowing the device to be used globally.
  • 2019

    Connect® Device

    Soberlink introduces Connect®, the first remote breathalyzer to harness the power of Apple or Android and packs all the power of the previous devices into an extremely compact size.

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