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Collaborative Practice in Family Law when Alcohol Use is Involved: Audio Interview
May 17, 2021
Collaborative Divorce
Keith Grossman, a mediator who has been resolving family and marital issues for over 20 years, talks about Collaborative Practice and how Soberlink can be used in cases involving alcohol. As someone who consults and educates clients about fair options to share and enhance time with their children, he discusses how Soberlink can help protect kids and give peace of mind.
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Relapse During a Pandemic: How to Relieve Your Child of Potential Guilt
May 5, 2021
Dad having heartfelt discussion with teenage son.
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyday life has drastically changed. Remote work has gained momentum as social distancing is a key measure for preventing and slowing the spread of the virus. While this work style comes with some specific benefits, this transition also brings some serious limitations and difficulties as routines and boundaries are disrupted. 
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Why Proving Your Sobriety is so Important
April 26, 2021
Young child smiling while his father holds him on top of his shoulders.
More often than not, Family Law cases are strenuous and emotional for all parties involved. When children are involved, and one parent has a demonstrated or accused history of alcohol abuse, proving sobriety is imperative for the safety and assurance of the entire family.
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BAC: What It Means and Why It Matters
April 19, 2021
Sobriety Test
Blood alcohol content (BAC) is the measure of alcohol present in your blood at a given moment. Technically speaking, the measure tells how many milligrams of alcohol are contained in 100 milligrams of your blood. For most people, it’s easiest to understand as a raw percentage: a BAC of 0.08% would mean every 10,000 mg of your blood contains 8 mg of alcohol.
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Using Alcohol Monitoring to Help Become a Better Parent
March 30, 2021
Father playing with young daughter.
It’s impossible to become a perfect parent. But being a great parent is within reach, even for adults struggling with alcohol abuse. By developing healthier coping mechanisms, including technology’s help, parents may boost their recovery efforts and improve their relationship with their children.
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How Alcohol Monitoring Can Help Co-Parents be Present During Distance Learning
March 1, 2021
Distance Learning Challenges for Kids
Mornings can be hectic. Mornings as a parent can be a whirlwind. From the second the alarm rings, it’s coaxing kids out of bed, encouraging them to get ready, getting oneself ready, making breakfast, grabbing lunches, and running out the door.
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Mocktails, Sobriety, and Child Custody: A Discussion Around Commitment
January 19, 2021
Mother and daughter pretending to have a tea party.
The dangers of drinking culture during sobriety, ways to rebuild trust, and how to maintain child custody with the help of Soberlink alcohol monitoring.
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Understanding Your Rights When Dealing with Addiction, Recovery, and Child Custody
January 4, 2021
Mother snuggling toddler.
If you are struggling with addiction, understand that your right to visitation, parenting time, or overall child custody rights may be affected. However, your parental rights could remain the same - you have the right to maintain a relationship with your child so long as contact is achieved safely and remains in the best interest of the child.
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How to Navigate Hearsay in Family Law Cases Involving Alcohol Abuse
December 29, 2020
Girl covering her ears during parent's argument.
According to Family Law experts, addiction is amongst the top six reasons for divorce, next to a lack of partnership or intimacy, falling out of love, communication problems, and not being ready for marriage. In any of these instances, emotions are running high for both partners, especially when there are children involved.
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Can Child Custody be Changed?
November 19, 2020
Dad giving daughter piggy-back ride
It can take months of back-and-forth to come up with a parenting plan. Once it’s in place, most parents work hard to stick with it. But there can come a time when a current co-parenting plan stops working for one reason or another. When that happens, parents can adjust their child custody arrangement post litigation, if it continues to uphold the best interests of the child.
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