Level 1 Parenting Time Only

Co-parenting schedules are always changing, making flexibility a key component to a successful co-parenting arrangement. Soberlink created a program called Level 1 Parenting Time Only, a one-of-a-kind program that works with any parenting schedule. The program allows the Monitored Client to submit tests only during parenting time. Refer to our Level 1 Testing Protocol for more information.

Monitor Alcohol for Custody Arrangements


Family Law Plans


Parenting Time Only
The Device is sold separately from the monthly subscription.
$399 CellularDevice*
$299 Bluetooth Device* (iPhone only)

*Requires a 120-day commitment. After 120-days, the monthly monitoring is month-to-month until canceled.




per month
per month
per month
Start the Process Start the Process Start the Process
Emailed Daily Reports of the Previous Day’s Testing and/or Weekly Summary Report of Previous Week’s Testing new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark
Emailed Test Results in Real-Time   new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark
Unlimited Number of Contacts Can Receive Test Results   new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark
Text and Emailed Test Results in Real-Time     new-green-checkmark
Unlimited Reports on All Testing Activity for Any Given Date Range     new-green-checkmark
Free Modifications to Monitoring Plan and Contacts     new-green-checkmark
*Plan Prices: Actual prices are based on daily rates.
Soberlink Breathalyzer is sold separately.
$3.19 per day $4.81 per day $6.42 per day
Additional Fees:
  • A $75 overage fee will be applied if testing exceeds 20 days.
  • Basic and Plus Plans will incur a $25 fee for additional Reports and andy updates to the Monitoring Plan and/or Contacts.
  • All Plans are subject to a $50 fee if testing evaluations are performed by Soberlink’s Compliance Department.