Level 1 Parenting Time Only

Co-parenting schedules are always changing, making flexibility a key component to a successful co-parenting arrangement. Soberlink created a program called Level 1 Parenting Time Only, a one-of-a-kind program that works with any parenting schedule. The program allows the Monitored Client to submit tests only during parenting time. Refer to our Level 1 Testing Protocol for more information.

Monitor Alcohol for Custody Arrangements


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Parenting Time Only
The Device is sold separately from the monthly subscription.
$399 CellularDevice*
$299 Bluetooth Device* (iPhone only)

*Requires a 120-day commitment. After 120-days, the monthly monitoring is month-to-month until canceled. 120 days is not a suggested length of time. Experts suggest a minimum 1 year of monitoring (Journal of Addiction Medicine, March 2017).




per month
per month
per month
Start the Process Start the Process Start the Process
Emailed Daily Reports of the Previous Day’s Testing and/or Weekly Summary Report of Previous Week’s Testing new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark
Emailed Test Results in Real-Time   new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark
Unlimited Number of Contacts Can Receive Test Results   new-green-checkmark new-green-checkmark
Text and Emailed Test Results in Real-Time     new-green-checkmark
Unlimited Reports on All Testing Activity for Any Given Date Range     new-green-checkmark
Free Modifications to Monitoring Plan and Contacts     new-green-checkmark
*Plan Prices: Actual prices are based on daily rates.
Soberlink Breathalyzer is sold separately.
$3.19 per day $4.81 per day $6.42 per day
Additional Fees:
  • A $75 overage fee will be applied if testing exceeds 20 days.
  • Basic and Plus Plans will incur a $25 fee for additional Reports and andy updates to the Monitoring Plan and/or Contacts.
  • All Plans are subject to a $50 fee if testing evaluations are performed by Soberlink’s Compliance Department.