Introducing the Cellular 2 Device: Soberlink’s Latest Advancement in Remote Alcohol Monitoring

April 17, 2024
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April 17, 2024
Soberlink Cellular 2 Device

Soberlink Cellular 2: Slimmer, Sleeker, Superior Battery Life

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., April 2024 – Introducing the new Cellular 2 Device, the latest addition to Soberlink’s line of remote alcohol monitoring solutions. Designed with user convenience and global accessibility in mind, the Cellular 2 Device seamlessly combines a sleek design with comprehensive functionality, offering a dependable tool for individuals and professionals in Family Law, Addiction Recovery, and Workplace Compliance. 

Enhanced Design and Global Connectivity

The new Cellular 2 Device builds upon the strengths of Soberlink's previous models, featuring a slimmer, more modern form factor and a superior battery life of 14+ days. With its built-in cellular module, the device ensures users can submit tests from anywhere in the world, connecting them to a network of global LTE coverage. 

Reliable Test Storing Feature

A key feature that continues to distinguish the Cellular 2 Device is its reliable test storing function. In situations where cellular connectivity is unavailable, the Cellular 2 Device securely stores test data, proactively attempting to transmit stored tests until a connection is restored. This feature ensures that tests are recorded and reported accurately on Soberlink's Advanced Reporting. These calendar-format reports utilize AI to reconcile the time-stamped tests, accurately reflecting the time they were taken, rather than when they were transmitted. The consistent retention and precise reporting of tests during connectivity outages are crucial to Soberlink's commitment to reliability and earning the trust of users.

Simplified User Experience

Aiming to make alcohol monitoring even more straightforward and less intrusive, the Cellular 2 Device boasts an intuitive interface with an LED screen and simple navigation buttons. Enhanced by a device leveling feature that guides users to hold the device in a way that is optimal for built-in facial recognition, the Cellular 2 Device ensures an efficient and smooth user experience.

Testimonials from Cellular 2 Users

“I like the fact that I do not have to hold my cell phone up while taking my test. Makes everything much easier and user friendly.”

“The Cellular 2 Device is wonderfully portable.”

“It’s much easier for travel.”

“Thankfully, the device will store tests. Otherwise, I would be dead in the water.”

“It is super easy to use...  Been using it for a few weeks and only charged it once.” 

Recognition from Industry Professionals

The functionality and design of Soberlink's devices have garnered positive feedback from various sectors.

Nicola Donaldson, Certified Supervised Counselor, has praised the device, mentioning how, “Soberlink just ticked all the boxes in terms of convenience, portability, and user friendliness. We were really impressed with just how easy it all is."

Family Law professional Sean Wirth also recognizes the value of Soberlink, stating, “I trust [Soberlink] because it's an all-in-one device. You have the facial recognition built-in to a reliable breathalyzer device with real-time results. It just provides a great product for Family Law practitioners and clients.” 

Dedicated to Quality and Innovation

The Cellular 2, like all Soberlink devices, undergoes a meticulous design, development, testing, and manufacturing process in the United States. This dedication ensures that Soberlink continues to provide reliable, accurate, and high-quality solutions to support accountability for sobriety.

The introduction of the Cellular 2 Device marks a significant achievement as Soberlink strives to continue delivering enhanced and simplified experiences in remote alcohol monitoring. Soberlink invites you to explore the capabilities of the Cellular 2 Device.

About Soberlink

Soberlink supports sobriety accountability with its alcohol monitoring system, combining professional-grade breathalyzers with cutting-edge connectivity. Trusted by professionals in addiction recovery, workplace compliance, and family law, Soberlink's solutions are designed to offer reliability, convenience, and peace of mind.

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