The Soberlink Breathalyzer Stays at the Forefront of Innovation with its Second Patent Issuance

May 11, 2014
|   updated:
January 18, 2024

With their second patent granted, Soberlink positions itself to preserve the integrity of their inventions and intellectual property.

CYPRESS, CA — May 08, 2014 — Soberlink is poised to remain at the top of the alcohol monitoring industry thanks to the award of a second patent in their line of pending applications — US Patent No. 8,707,758. The patent, issued in April of 2014, further secures the company’s ability to protect their intellectual property and continue to create and improve upon their inventions. With other companies attempting to create similar alcohol monitoring devices, the preservation of this property comes at a crucial time and allows Soberlink to remain the leading innovator in mobile breath alcohol monitoring.

Soberlink CEO & Founder, Brad Keays, voiced his gratification by stating, “Soberlink was founded on the premise that innovation and design would differentiate us from the competition. With that came the need for a strong IP strategy to defend our ideas. The plan we put into place is proving successful as evidenced by the issuance of our most recent patent.”

Information regarding the patent can be found online at The company is due to release their newest device, the Soberlink Bluetooth, in third quarter 2014.

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Founded in 2010, Soberlink. is the leader in developing innovative mobile alcohol monitoring technology to help change behavior and promote accountability for those in recovery. Call (714) 975.7200 or visit to learn more.

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