Soberlink Launches Redesigned Website and “Sober Stories”

August 24, 2016
|   updated:
January 18, 2024

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. – Soberlink, the leader in mobile-breath sobriety technology, today announced the launch of their redesigned website and a community project called Sober Stories, in which Soberlink users, past and present, can share their experience with Soberlink.

The redesigned website aims to help streamline user experience, and to enhance content and navigation. The new Soberlink website prominently features two distinct sections, Healthcare and Family Law.

“Our goal with this redesign was to enhance the consumer’s journey through our website while maintaining a clean, efficient look that accurately represents our brand,” said Soberlink’s Vice President of Design Casey Hanrahan.

  • Highlights of the redesign include:
  • A clean and sleek look
  • Responsive design for desktop and mobile screens
  • Efficient and organized navigation bar
  • Engaging home page
  • Updated content
  • The addition of Sober Stories

Perhaps the most unique feature of this redesign is the unveiling of Sober Stories. Soberlink users can choose to detail their personal experience with alcohol use disorders, child custody arrangements and how Soberlink helped them in recovery. Sober Stories is an effort to open up a dialog about recovery tools within the recovery community.

“It’s important to us to be as involved with the recovery community as possible. Sober Stories has become a great way to give voice to the thousands of Soberlink users for National Recovery Month,” said Brad Keays, CEO of Soberlink Healthcare. “The stories that come in are incredible reminders of why working in healthcare is so important.”

Sober Stories has been launched to coincide with the celebration of Recovery Month (Sept. 2016) and provide a safe space for community and sharing in the recovery industry.

About Soberlink

Soberlink is committed to changing the perception of alcohol use disorders by developing technology for addiction and recovery management. In 2016 the Soberlink Cellular Device gained FDA 510(k) clearance for medical use.

Since 2011, Soberlink has become the fastest growing recovery system on the market. The Soberlink System promotes accountability and connectivity with real-time BAC testing. Soberlink’s passionate pursuit of better recovery drove the company to develop SL1, the world’s first smartphone-enabled Breathalyzer. The company remains at the forefront of innovation in the handheld, mobile breath category with the patented Soberlink Cellular, Soberlink Bluetooth and Sober Sky Web Portal.

Press Contact

  • Chris Beck
    Soberlink Healthcare, LLC
    (714) 975-7200

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