Soberlink Launches Soberlink Bluetooth in the Netherlands

June 3, 2015
|   updated:
January 18, 2024

CYPRESS, CALIF. – Soberlink, the leader in mobile-breath sobriety monitoring, today announced that it has received CE certification and begun a pilot program in the Netherlands. The US-based technology company has partnered with SoberCare to bring mobile-breath monitoring to SolutionS continuing-care program.

Soberlink has undergone the rigorous process to receive CE certification and begin this pilot program in the Netherlands. A group of patients participating in SolutionS’ continuing-care program will now be able use Soberlink’s advanced monitoring technology instead of being subjected to laboratory urine testing. In just seconds participants can take a breath alcohol test and submit it wirelessly to SoberCare.

“The participants are less worried about relapse when using Soberlink,” says SoberCare Medical Director Jan Willem Peterse, “ and this increases trust among family, friends, employers and colleagues. Secondly, the rate of relapse has been proven to be lower among people participating in monitoring programs. If something does go wrong, it will be noticed very quickly so that the required action can be taken.”

Soberlink Bluetooth is a smartphone Breathalyzer that pairs with a specially designed iPhone and iPad App to submit breath tests over Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The Soberlink system has recently implemented an international text-messaging feature so patients can receive testing notifications from virtually anywhere in the world.

“We are passionate about creating intuitive technology to aid in the recovery process,” says Brad Keays, CEO of Soberlink, “the Soberlink system has helped thousands of people stay accountable and focused on their recovery. We are thrilled to be able to expand to Europe.”

SolutionS is the leading addiction treatment provider in The Netherlands and it’s expected to be an important player in the world of continuing care and non-clinical treatment. SoberCare offers close monitoring services as part of continuing-care programs for substance abuse. These two companies have teamed up with Soberlink to offer non-intrusive monitoring to clients in recovery from alcoholism.

Soberlink is the leader in mobile breath-alcohol monitoring. Since 2010 Soberlink’s patented Breathalyzers and cutting-edge software have proven to be an integral part of the recovery process for people struggling with alcohol dependency. In 2012 Soberlink launched Soberlink Cellular, the first truly mobile handheld alcohol monitoring solution. Featuring facial recognition and cellular technology, Soberlink Cellular wirelessly transmits breath alcohol tests directly to the cloud-based monitoring web portal. In 2014 Soberlink released Soberlink Bluetooth, the smartphone Breathalyzer, allowing people in recovery the convenience of submitting breath tests through an iPhone or iPad’s Wi-Fi connection. Soberlink monitoring aims to help people recover from alcoholism with modern technology.

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