Verizon Creates Soberlink Video to Promote Innovative New Breathalyzer

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January 19, 2014
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January 18, 2024

Verizon Creates Soberlink Video to Promote Innovative New Breathalyzer

Verizon features Soberlink, a mobile breath alcohol monitoring system, in their promotional video for M2M cellular technology applications.

Cypress, CA — January 20, 2014 — Soberlink, a leading innovator in mobile breath alcohol monitoring, is a proud partner of Verizon’s Hosted Private Network program. The partnership began in 2011 when Soberlink determined Verizon was the ideal wireless partner for their revolutionary Soberlink Cellular device – the world’s first handheld cellular Breathalyzer. Since the launch of Soberlink Cellular in November 2012, the cellular Breathalyzer has been one of the fastest growing alcohol monitoring devices on the market.

The Soberlink Breathalyzer has an embedded high-resolution camera that takes a picture of the participant during the breath alcohol test to verify the tester’s identity. The point-in-time photo, along with the person’s Breath Alcohol Concentration and location, is then wirelessly sent via Verizon’s Private Network to Soberlink’s monitoring portal. The cloud-based monitoring site allows the test results to be accessed remotely by a case manager, counselor, or loved one. Real-time alerts can also be set up so that designated contacts are notified if there are signs of an alcohol relapse, such as a missed or positive test.

Soberlink’s partnership with Verizon stemmed from the desire to provide a discreet, convenient, and reliable way to help those struggling with alcohol addiction. The Soberlink technology is specifically designed for mobile alcohol monitoring, which can help change behavior and promote accountability. The benefits of this technology are currently seen every day in the Criminal Justice and Addiction Treatment areas, in which Soberlink has a presence in all 50 states and Canada.

Verizon’s video illustrates the mobile-to-mobile technology that allows Soberlink participants to perform an alcohol test from anywhere and have the results instantly sent to Soberlink’s portal.

Soberlink is excited about working with Verizon for this video and is proud that the company was chosen as an example of the latest use of cellular technology to better the lives of others and make information sharing effortless.

About Soberlink

Founded in 2010, Soberlink is the leader in developing innovative mobile alcohol monitoring devices and software to help change behavior and promote accountability for those in recovery.

Read the FAQs for more information about our alcohol breathalyzer or call (714) 975-7200 to learn more.

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