A Second Chance

A Second Chance
January 29, 2024
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After a decade sober, and thinking I could drink with control, my lifestyle quickly became unmanageable. I returned to AA meetings and began doing inner work on myself, allowing me to manage my alcoholism once again. While the meetings and inner work were both helpful, I attribute the bulk of my recovery success to Soberlink. Because I travel so much for work, it was difficult for me to get to meetings. Soberlink gave me an avenue to build healthy daily habits and stay committed to sobriety even when I couldn’t make it to AA. It's an amazing tool to foster self-recovery, and it provides peace of mind to your loved ones as well. Also, the Soberlink team is always amazing to work with. They provide rapid responses and are very kind and compassionate people. I am thankful for this technology. Thanks again!

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