A Sense of Empowerment

A Sense of Empowerment
March 26, 2020
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When my family requested that I use Soberlink, at first, I was upset that they couldn’t trust me. Then, my sponsor helped me realize that it was their way of helping me rebuild the trust that I had already broken within my family. Over the years of my drinking, I had done some major damage to that trust. After a few weeks, maybe four or five, testing just became part of my daily routine. I had an alarm set on my phone, and my kids would often remind me, too. It was strange when I had completed my treatment time and was no longer required to use it! All in all, Soberlink is a great tool for anyone in their first year of recovery. I believe it is a wonderful option to help get a person struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder stronger. It provides the recoveree with a sense of empowerment that helps rebuild trust among those that they may have hurt during their years of use. Thank you so much for providing such a great tool to aid in people’s recovery.

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