A Significant Change

A Significant Change Sober Story
November 14, 2022
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After being discharged from the military, I struggled with PTSD and anxiety. Failing to find a constructive outlet for my emotions, I turned to alcohol. Socially at first, I later became a solitary drinker. Throughout over 20 years of drinking, I became so dependent that I eventually started finding myself in trouble with law enforcement and began placing strain on my marriage and family. On the brink of divorce, I knew I had to make a significant change and hold myself accountable. After hearing about this service from a friend, I decided to give it a try. Not only was I holding myself accountable, but I was able to provide proof to my wife and family of my sobriety. After nine months of sobriety, I have renewed a loving relationship with my wife and family and can now enjoy a sober life. I owe it largely to the services provided by Soberlink. My most sincere thank you to Soberlink for helping me get my life pointed in the right direction and staying the course!

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