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found freedom
September 30, 2016
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I was a closet drinker, constantly hiding it, sneaking around, planning opportunities to be left alone to drink. In a home with a beautiful wife and five kids, it was exhausting. When I had had enough, I went to rehab. Imagine when I figured out I wasn’t fooling anyone all that time! I was then faced with the prospect of how to regain my family’s trust. Soberlink has been a great start!

When I am busy at work and miss my wife’s calls, she no longer has to wonder if I am avoiding her calls to hide my slurred speech! She no longer has to wonder if I am drinking when I am fishing, golfing, etc. She finally has the freedom to have some personal care time, such as going out of town with her sisters, rather than feeling that she has to watch after me. Together, we set up the Soberlink daily schedule and it reports to her once per week. It also reports to my addictions counselor. She knows she is not ultimately responsible for my sobriety, but it does help build trust.

Consequently, we both feel a greater sense of freedom. The machine works just as is claimed, as does the software. I love this product and highly recommend it!

— Anonymous, Oregon

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