Involuntary Use Turned into Sobriety

Involuntary Use Turned into Sobriety with Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring
November 12, 2021
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I was ordered by the court during my divorce to start Soberlink. At first, I was very angry when I started using the device. Honestly, it really helped me to quit drinking. Blowing three times a day, there was no way I could cheat and have a drink. Needless to say, after 150 days of testing three times per day, I have no regrets. The technology works very well, and the people are very nice. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, then Soberlink can help you, too. I was on a path of destruction fueled by alcohol, and Soberlink forced me to get healthy. Thanks, Soberlink, and all the people that helped me through the process.

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