Living Life to its Fullest

Living Life to its Fullest - Sober Story
March 21, 2024
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I've been sober for three years and ten months. My last drink was on my birthday - Feb. 24, 2020. Before using Soberlink, I had a hard time keeping myself accountable in my sobriety. I attended a 30-day inpatient rehab and four months of outpatient. The "tools and tricks" AA-based programs provided me with proved to be ineffective. While I don't expect to use Soberlink my entire life, I will say that it has allowed me to live my life to its fullest potential without the influence of alcohol. Your service helped me get past the one-year mark, something that seemed unattainable at the beginning of my journey. I am incredibly grateful that I found this service, and I have since turned my life around and enjoy living life one day at a time.

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