Moment of Clarity

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July 27, 2021
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Depression, anxiety, and alcoholism are a potentially deadly trifecta. At best, on good days, I felt terrible. My health was rapidly declining; I couldn't even think straight any longer. Somehow in a moment of clarity, I decided to get help finally and checked myself into a rehabilitation facility about an hour away inKitty Hawk, NC. I was ready, so I worked hard and gained some tools to take with me upon return to "normal life". Problem is, I was scared because, for me, normal life for the previous 25 years involved way more than an average amount of alcohol. How would I stay sober? Would my wife, family, and friends even believe me if I could manage to stay sober? Sharing my concerns with a counselor, he suggested a solution and informed me about Soberlink. I was skeptical but was willing to give it a shot; I owed it to the people who cared for and supported me. I ordered my Soberlink device and had it overnighted. Set up was easy, usage is VERY easy, and Support was helpful with questions I had that first day (Never needed them after). For me, the accountability was a game-changer for both myself and my loved ones. It just took the alcohol usage discussion out of the equation. My wife now knew she wasn't coming home to a drunk at lunch, my mother could get a good night's sleep, and my counselor could be proud. All these things are priceless to me and became a reality largely because of the decision to give this system a chance.Thank you, Soberlink!!! Give yourself a fighting chance and incorporate this into recovery. Eighteen months sober and stronger than I ever imagined possible!!!!!

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