No Excuses

No Excuses to Drink Alcohol
April 21, 2020
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Like many people, I started drinking at a young age. In the beginning, it was for popularity and fun. However, as the years dragged on and my dependence on alcohol increased, the fun began to diminish. I found myself every morning worried about what I might have done the night before, scared that I said things I didn’t mean to my friends or my wife. Unfortunately, this behavior was too much for my marriage to handle, and I ended up divorced.

I found myself one morning scared, alone, and trembling sick. I could not remember the last week of my life and knew I needed help. I drove to my father’s house who has ten years’ sobriety. I broke down, and I told him how I couldn’t manage anymore, and that I needed help. Fortunately, he was in a position to help me get into rehab, and afterward, help me find a sponsor. He was worried, but he also knew that consistent nagging from him or anybody in the family might put a hardship on our relationship. My rehab introduced us to Soberlink. It was fantastic because I had no excuses. As long as I was submitting tests, my father never had to question my sobriety. Additionally, Soberlink’s built-in facial recognition ensured that I was the one using it. I genuinely believe that Soberlink not only helped me to be accountable, but also relieved my family of worry about me drinking. Right now, I’m nineteen months sober! I went bike riding yesterday, bought a truck, built a fire pit in my yard, and I’m no longer embarrassed to be seen in public because I am no longer intoxicated in public.

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