Pledge of Transparency

 Pledge of Transparency
December 4, 2023
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After years of battling alcoholism, cycling through detox and rehab only to find myself back where I started, I've finally turned a corner. Today, I'm 784 days sober, and I owe this milestone to three pivotal decisions.

First, I moved into a Sober House right after leaving rehab. The place served as my sanctuary, shielding me from the isolation that so often leads back to old habits. Living with others who were walking the same tightrope of recovery gave me the support and accountability I needed during those crucial first months.

Second, I found a sponsor who guided me through the Twelve Steps. It was a deep dive into self-examination, one that helped me confront and understand the underlying issues fueling my alcoholism. This was no superficial journey; we tore off the Band-Aids and really cleaned the wounds. 

The third pillar in my recovery strategy was Soberlink; a portable breathalyzer that I use twice a day. The results are sent to a family member and a well-respected leader in my community. It's more than a daily ritual; it's a continual pledge of transparency, a way to rebuild trust with the people who matter most to me, a living amends. 

Today, I live on my own and am fully employed. I'm also a professional Recovery Support Specialist (RSS). It's a way for me to give back, to offer the kind of support and guidance that were so crucial to my own recovery. Those twice-daily Soberlink tests are still a part of my routine, a steady pulse-check that keeps me—and my loved ones—grounded in my commitment to sobriety. In the grand scheme of things, I'm still on the journey. But each day adds a brick to the foundation of a new life I'm building. My journey toward recovery is ongoing, but every step, every day, counts.

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