Prevention and Peace

Prevention and Peace - Sober Story
March 4, 2024
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Soberlink was a huge part of my after-care journey in my sobriety. I took part in the 120-day commitment plan to start upon exit from my in-patient treatment program. While I felt confident in my sobriety when leaving treatment, a big factor for me was rebuilding trust between myself, my family, and my significant other. When my loved ones would travel, and I would be left on my own, Soberlink allowed them to see that I was passing all the sobriety tests without having to check in on me throughout the entirety of the day. It was also amazing to hear from one of the recipients of my Soberlink reports that it made them proud of me every day when they saw that I passed all the tests. This type of positive feedback helped me build confidence in my sobriety. Additionally, when life would get challenging, and the thought of drinking crossed my mind, Soberlink was an extra layer of accountability to prevent me from acting on that thought. I am proud to say that I completed the 120-day plan with no failed tests and am 5 months sober and counting! It is a great tool to help rebuild trust, build confidence, and remain accountable. I highly recommend it to others beginning their recovery journey.

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