Pride in Proof

Pride in Proof
July 3, 2023
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I started using Soberlink over five years ago because it was court-ordered. I had recently gotten out of rehab and was having trouble staying sober and going through a difficult divorce. Although it was court-ordered, Soberlink helped me keep placement of my children. I was angry and embarrassed I had to be on it, but it was the best thing for me and helped prove my sobriety. I went back on Soberlink on my own will over a year ago. My ex-husband had taken me to court, saying I was drinking, and I had to take a hair test, which came back negative. I am now over a year sober. Soberlink helped me be accountable for myself and gave me the peace of mind to prove my sobriety. Soberlink and the 12-step program of AA saved my life.

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