Ready to Try Anything

Ready to Try Anything
March 31, 2022
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In 2017, my alcohol addiction peaked and took a toll on my health and relationships. After attending a 30-day rehab, I began to embark on the road toward sobriety. Some success and some failure marked the beginning of this road. Then one day, a friend suggested that I get Soberlink. I was hesitant at first, not wishing to appear reliant on technology to stay sober. But because I had already relapsed, I was ready to try anything. Soberlink was much easier and more discreet to use than I had initially thought. I assigned people I trusted to be accountability partners, and they received the text messages from Soberlink notifying them of the test results. Knowing I had upcoming tests helped me to remain sober each day. After being sober for a year or so, I was in court gaining custody of my kids from my ex-wife who was addicted to drugs. My former alcohol abuse was mentioned in court, and I was able to provide the Judge with an official Soberlink report for the previous year showing that I had indeed been sober. The court accepted the Soberlink report as official evidence, and I got custody of my children. I am very grateful to Soberlink for helping me get sober. I recommend Soberlink to anyone struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder.

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