Regained Trust

Regained Trust
November 13, 2023
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I sought sober living immediately following my discharge from residential PHP in October 2021, and part of the participation requirements to live there included consent to submit to monitoring in the form of urine samples and breathalyzer testing. The sober home's breathalyzer device for those with alcohol use disorder happened to be Soberlink. So, from the day I was admitted to that sober home to present day, I’ve used Soberlink no less than twice a day to keep myself on track.

My wife and parents are the only ones who know that I use it. In my opinion, no one else has to know. When I left sober living and returned home to my family in July 2022, I promised to adhere to a twice-daily Soberlink testing schedule and a once-daily dose of disulfiram, the results of and administration of which I share with my wife. These actions, paired with active participation in a twelve-step program, have given her proof of my sobriety and peace of mind that I’m holding myself accountable to a strict regimen designed to regain my family’s trust.

And personally, I’m coming up on my two-year sobriety date. While I don’t consider continuing to submit to Soberlink testing or self-administer anti-alcohol medication as requirements of sobriety, these two things paired with AA have proven successful for me thus far, so I think I’ll continue.

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