Sobriety is Possible

A smiling man who became sober
October 24, 2022
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I am sober today, almost one year, and I owe that to Soberlink. In short, I was drinking heavily even after it was common knowledge that I needed to quit, and I was trying to quit. I was only able to remain sober for a few weeks before inevitably finding an opportunity to drink. Sometimes I would get caught, other times, I could fly under the radar. I was faced with an ultimatum: stop drinking or stop being a father.

I knew my inability or unwillingness to quit was due to a lack of accountability. I could not be trusted to hold myself to account, and I had already burdened everyone close to me with my addiction. Soberlink takes the responsibility and burden from loved ones and automates accountability. I did not have to rely on family to remind me to take a test, which I had tried and failed with other breathalyzers; Soberlink automatically sends a reminder to take the test. I only had to fail one test with Soberlink to realize two things: I can’t fly under the radar with Soberlink, and the shame (of knowing loved ones received the failed test results) was not worth drinking. Soberlink helped me stay sober long enough to realize permanent sobriety is possible for me. I have been sober longer than I thought possible, and I can say without a doubt, I would not have long-term sobriety without the help of Soberlink.

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