The Missing Piece

The missing piece
June 30, 2016
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I tried and failed many times to stay sober for extended periods of time. After two 30 day stays in a residential alcohol treatment center and hundreds of AA meetings, I always seemed to have a relapse. While I believe the 12-step program and a belief in a higher power has worked for thousands of people, for me, I just needed that one extra tool.

I have been a Soberlink user now almost 5 years. It was the missing piece for me in keeping me sober. What started out as the only thing that I could use to prove to my ex-wife (my Soberlink admin) that I wasn’t drinking while our kids were with me, became a daily savior. The only other alternative was very expensive and cumbersome devices through county social services.

For me, the fact I need to submit a test approximately 5 times per day has kept me sober. It started out as white knuckling it a bit, but the fact that I have the monitor, and that I have to submit tests, and you can’t lie, has kept me sober.
I think the Soberlink system is a great alternative for people that need that extra one thing besides traditional programs to get and stay sober. Thanks for the great technology and introducing a new tool that can work for many to keep them sober.

— Anonymous, Wisconsin

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